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Unusual and unique UGEARS 3D puzzles
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We all love spending time with our family, thanks to the Ugears 3D puzzles, this time will turn into an exciting and developing game for parents and children.
POKER furniture collection
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The POKER collection of the CUBE44 brand is sturdy furniture that fits naturally into everyday life, thanks to the successful combination of materials – wood and metal.
Wooden gates of Keukenhof Royal Park
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A grand gatehouse welcomes the large flows of, mainly international, visitors to the world famous Keukenhof park.
Recycling for a greener future
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There’s a lot of talk about paper recycling these days, and a few frequent misunderstandings about how it works and what can and can’t be recycled.
Open spaces in modern materials
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Building big and tall in wood is a hot trend right now, not only in Sweden, but in many places around the world. Brisbane has recently become home to Australia’s tallest wooden building.
Highly fire retardant coating for wood
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A spray- or brush-applied fire retardant coating made from nanocellulose is well suited for improving the fire properties of wood-based materials.
UK’s “Poem Pavilion” for Dubai Expo 2020
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Award-winning artist and designer Es Devlin OBE is set to design the UK Pavilion for Expo 2020 in Dubai.
Wooden House in Basthal
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Pascal Flammer created this wooden house Balsthal. The special feature of this home is the complete harmony with the surrounding nature, large windows open onto views composed of wheat fields.