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Wooden educational toys
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Wooden toys for education of a child play a very important role, this tactile material trains motor skills, attentiveness, and memorability. There is such a large selection that you can easily buy wooden educational toys for each child!
International trade fair LISDEREVMASH 2021
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Top Ukrainian trade fair of technologies for forestry, woodworking and furniture industries LISDEREVMASH will be held on 28–30 September in Hall No. 2 of the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv.
Wooden Scandinavian furniture
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Scandinavian furniture is foremost a laconic and stylish design, which has imprinted the character of the Nordic culture of the northern countries: Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland.
Wooden furniture for HoReCa
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You decide to open a new HoReCa business or change the design of your hotel, restaurant, bar, cafe? Then we suggest you familiarize yourself with pieces of design advice and selection of suitable furniture.
New EU Forest Strategy for 2030
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On July 16, 2021, the European Commission approved a new forestry strategy, which proposes measures to protect the forests of the European Union, provides for an increase in area, biodiversity, and an improvement in the ecological situation.
Wooden chopping boards
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Every housewife in the kitchen has such a convenient and irreplaceable cooking appliance as a cutting board. But not everyone knows which board is better to choose, which material to give preference to.
Climate Change Research 2021
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August 7, 2021 almost the main climate document for the world community was published, the research "Climate Change 2021 The Physical Science Basis", conducted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
Eco-friendly wooden toys
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A new trend that came to us from Europe and America is eco-friendly wooden toys for children, which are absolutely natural and safe even for the smallest children.