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Wooden toys wholesale
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Wood is a versatile material that can be used to create a variety of everything from furniture, decor, dishes to environmentally friendly toys for different ages. Wooden toys are becoming popular instead of plastic counterparts because they have a lot of advantages.
Wooden designer lamps
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Chandeliers and lamps are not only objects that serve to illuminate the placement, but also accessories that can transform any interior and color it up. Wooden lamps will fit perfectly into any style, from hi-tech to provence.
Sustainable wood products
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Since ancient times, mankind has used wood as a building material, tools, decor and toys. The variety of uses of wood is explained by the climate, locality, and even culture. The areas where this raw material is used today cannot be enumerated, because wood products surround us everywhere.
Italian wooden furniture
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Italian wooden furniture is the standard of high quality, exquisite design and real luxury life. Previously, furniture from Italy was available exclusively to aristocrats, now anyone can order online furniture on the Internet.
Furniture wholesale
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If you buy designer furniture wholesale, you can save a lot money. Moreover, buying furniture in bulk is not so difficult if you know where to look for wholesalers and what factors to consider.
Modern wooden furniture
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At the LIGNO online store of wood products you will find modern wooden furniture for any interior. All solid wood furniture is created taking into account the latest trends in the furniture industry.
Sustainable factory “The Plus”
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The Plus has been designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together, Vestre and BIG have created an entirely new typology, where people, production, technology, architecture, and nature are completely integrated with each other.
What is Bioeconomy?
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Bioeconomy is the production, utilization and conservation of biological resources, including related knowledge, science, technology, and innovation, to provide information, products, processes and services across all economic sectors aiming toward a sustainable economy.