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Why Puzzles are Brain Boosters?
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Studies show it’s important to use every part of your brain to keep it from weakening over time. Solving puzzles helps the brain engage in a stimulating cognitive activity.
The psychological properties of wood
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House made of wood is extremely beneficial for human health, because wood has ability to restore air in the house, maintain optimal humidity and keep warm.
Unusual and unique UGEARS 3D puzzles
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We all love spending time with our family, thanks to the Ugears 3D puzzles, this time will turn into an exciting and developing game for parents and children.
POKER furniture collection
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The POKER collection of the CUBE44 brand is sturdy furniture that fits naturally into everyday life, thanks to the successful combination of materials – wood and metal.
Wooden gates of Keukenhof Royal Park
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A grand gatehouse welcomes the large flows of, mainly international, visitors to the world famous Keukenhof park.
Recycling for a greener future
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There’s a lot of talk about paper recycling these days, and a few frequent misunderstandings about how it works and what can and can’t be recycled.