LIGNO is an online platform of wood products created in Ukraine. LIGNO helps sell manufacturers' own products in the Ukrainian and international e-markets, provides services and informs on the relevant events in the area.

We strive to develop Ukrainian design and find its authentic features. Combining the efforts of the best Ukrainian product designers and manufacturers, LIGNO also confidently expands its own wood products line and promote Ukrainian design in the world.

LIGNO team with many years of experience in the wood-processing industry, has visualized the problem faced by many Ukrainian manufacturers – successful sale of own products in the Ukrainian and foreign markets. Therefore, LINGO was created with the aim of being a high-quality communication platform for customers and manufacturers in this area.

LIGNO combines products of the entire forest sector, which includes a variety of industries: forestry, wood-processing, furniture, wood-based panel, pulp and paper, bioenergy, etc. interacting with each other to create high-quality and innovative wood products.

The online store offers a wide range of Ukrainian wood products with a variety of price ranges and characteristics, in more than 10 major product categories. We cooperate only with reliable and proven manufacturers and suppliers monitoring compliance with our product requirements at all stages.

LIGNO team constantly participates in joint educational and practical activities for the preservation of the environment and sustainable use of forest resources. You can join these activities by following our blog.

Let's contribute to a sustainable future together!