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Eco-friendly wooden toys
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A new trend that came to us from Europe and America is eco-friendly wooden toys for children, which are absolutely natural and safe even for the smallest children.
Project WoodCircus
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WoodCircus is a project that aims to promote the circular economy in the countries of the European Union.
Wood products in Ukraine
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The global demand for natural wood products and timber products is growing. This is due to the huge benefits of wood and its appearance.
Office building Valle Wood
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Valle Wood is Norway's largest solid wood commercial building. It is located in the city of Oslo, in the center at Innspurten, 0663. A unique and inimitable building was under construction for 2 years, from 2017 to 2019.
Wooden decor
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Wooden decor is one of the most fashionable trends of 2021, because now everything that is environmentally friendly, comfortable, durable and stylish is popular.
Wooden 3D puzzles
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Wooden 3D puzzles is an environmentally friendly volumetric construction set that is interesting for the whole family, for kids and adults, it is depending on the difficulty of collecting the puzzle.
Wooden wall panels
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Wood wall panels are decorative elements that are installed on the wall. Before now they were considered the privilege of aristocrats and were used to decorate mansions, royal palaces and castles. Now designers use panels as decoration in any home.
Wooden kitchenware
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Wood has been used as a material for making household items since ancient times. The particular popularity of wooden kitchen accessories is due to a number of advantages over other materials of kitchen products, for example, plastic, metal or ceramics.