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The best wooden buildings in the world

LIGNO Group Mar 10, 2022 Сonstruction 0 Comments

We present the most outstanding wooden buildings in the world – a “Best of Timber” you might say. The buildings which we selected for the ranking stand out from others in their size, architecture, place of construction or function. The reduced carbon footprint of the buildings is another criterion.

2020 was a difficult year but the timber industry overcame the challenges it faced. Who would have thought that 2021 would put even greater obstacles in the way of timber construction? From the middle of the year, some timber construction products were no longer available at all – and when they were, they cost up to 300% more than in normal times.

The difficulties in raw material supply last year made people think – and not only about timber construction. The effects of globalization are making themselves felt. What happens when a container ship blocks the Suez Canal? What if factories are shut down for weeks due to a pandemic? And what does all this do to the climate on our planet? These and many other questions will challenge us for decades to come and now, it is more crucial than ever that we look for sustainable solutions to problems – keeping the impact on the climate in mind while also addressing the social and economic side of them.

Nevertheless, we may continue to dream big. And this is why we want to present to you the most impressive wooden buildings of the present and future. The Sara Kulturhus, Sweden’s tallest wooden building, was completed in 2021. From there, our journey takes us to Rotterdam, where the 140-meter-high Tree House is planned, and on to Berlin in the year 2026. In a few years, the Woho, a 98-meter-tall giant, is going to overlook the metropolis.

Ascent in Milwaukee, USA

Projekt Pi in the canton of Zug, Switzerland

Tree House in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Atlassian HQ in Sydney, Australia

WoHo in Berlin, Germany

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