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Personalised wooden gifts

LIGNO Group Jan 6, 2022 Products 0 Comments

Have you already bought presents for your family for Christmas? For many people, this process becomes time consuming and stressful, as it requires creativity and a lot of free time. Do you really want to choose an original gift for your soul mate or parents, friends, children, colleagues?

Do not panic, we offer you unique gifts made of wood to order, which will suit every member of your family, as we will help you to individually select a present that matches the interests of your loved one.

Wooden products for a gift have a lot of advantages, but you must check the store where you order a gift made of wood online, since it is not uncommon to meet an unscrupulous seller.

Why order wooden gifts on LIGNO?

A wide range of wooden products for every taste. Wooden toys for your child, wooden interior paintings for your wife, wooden wall clocks for your husband and much more can be found in the LIGNO catalog at reasonable prices.

Uniqueness. The patterns of wooden surfaces are unique, so any object that was made from this material has original visual characteristics. In addition, you can make a custom-made wooden gift on LIGNO. The number of manufactured goods is unlimited. Go to the form Custom wood products manufacturing and fill in each field in detail, after that we will contact you as soon as possible.

Top quality. All products presented on our website are manufactured according to high quality requirements, guaranteeing material safety, careful processing, and environmental coverage.

Durability. The material wood is very durable. Wooden products serve for many years, no matter what it is: furniture, toys, accessories, kitchen products, decor. Having presented such a significant gift made of wood, your loved one will always remember you with warmth.

Environmental friendliness. The main principles of LIGNO are promoting the goals of sustainable development and using certified wood. We care about the environment, and we are not indifferent to the future of the planet Earth!

Professional service. We care about the comfort of each client and provide convenient payment methods, as well as different delivery options. In addition, with us you can get professional specialized advice, as well as order wooden products according to your own layout or drawings.

How to choose gifts made of wood?

Here are some creative ideas for choosing wooden gifts. If you recognize your loved one by the hobbies listed below, then order without a doubt, he or she will really like a surprise!

For those who are fond of the constructor

It's time to assemble a complex wooden mechanical 3D model. Research vessel is the highest level, that only real engineers can assemble. The gift is suitable for both an adult and a teenager, the main thing is that the person is interested in a mechanical 3D constructor.

The research vessel has a skeletal structure that allows you to observe the movements of the internal mechanisms that looks exciting.

For art lovers

The real trend of the year is wooden paintings in the modern style. The wooden picture "Lion" awakens feelings of calmness and comfort. A picture made of wood as a gift will undoubtedly delight connoisseurs of creativity. In addition, such a minimalistic decor can be hung not only in the house, living room or bedroom, but also in the office.

For sentimental romantics

For your couple, Wooden photo frame Mandala 1 will be the perfect Christmas gift. What could be more romantic than placing a common photo in a wooden frame, which, moreover, you assemble together? Yes, you heard right, you can glue a wooden frame with your own hands with your partner, or you can order a ready-made photo frame made of wood.

For those who have a hobby of cooking and beautiful presentation of food

Chopping board FRAGMENTS combines an ensemble of multi-colored wood species: oak, walnut, acacia, ash, and pear. It can be used to cut food and serve ready meals thanks to its convenient design. With such a wooden board, everyone feels like a master chef in the kitchen in their own home!

For fans of reading and books

If last year you gave a book, then this year you need to choose something else so as not to repeat yourself. The table Wooden Lamp in a modern style will be a great addition to last year's present. The lamp is made of walnut wood, its minimalistic design will conquer a person with refined taste who prefers comfortable and practical things.

You can buy all wooden gifts with delivery not only in Ukraine, but all over the world. The online platform of wooden products LIGNO allows retail and wholesale orders. Place orders on the website, or if you have problems, call +380732214481 or write to us at info@ligno.com.ua.


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