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Wooden attic ladders

LIGNO Group Jan 22, 2022 Products 0 Comments

A wooden attic ladder is the best solution for safe and comfortable access to the attic. Especially for those people who are afraid to climb a self-made ladder, the solid construction of wooden ladders with a hatch will make this process easier. These wooden stairs to the attic not only save space, but also make it possible to carry heavy furniture and other items for storage in the attic.

The best wooden attic ladder should suit your needs and budget, as well as match the style of your interior. In this article, we will analyze the details that should be considered when choosing a wooden attic ladder. The LIGNO blog provides a lot of useful information for professionals in the woodworking industry, and for those who are interested in wooden products for their home, office or HoReCa.

What types of wooden attic stairs exist?

Various models on the market have some distinctive features, namely aspects such as the way of folding and unfolding.

Folding loft stairs made of wood. The design of a folding attic ladder usually consists of 2 or 4 sections that overlap when the hatch closes, forming an "accordion". The spring mechanism holds additional sections. Sections form an inclined straight line in expanded form.

Sliding wooden loft ladders. This type mainly consists of 2 sections. On the upper section there are guides along which the lower section is lowered and raised. The strength of the stairs remains high, although the mechanism does not use springs, which makes the cost of this type cheaper.

Fixed loft stairs made of wood. Such ladders are less practical because they take up a lot of space and do not have the ability to unfold and fold. Of course, folding and sliding ladders to the attic, made of wood, are much more convenient, they remain invisible and are used only when necessary.

What to look for when choosing a wooden ladder to the attic?


Even a small ladder requires ample mounting space. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate all the nuances, for example, the location of the ceiling beams. Also, attic stairs should not block doors or windows.

For small rooms, wooden attic ladder with a smaller frame is suitable, and for large rooms, attic stairs with a large frame, which is easy to use.

Dimensions and load capacity

Accurate measurements must be taken to determine if the structure can expand and fold freely in space.

Important measurements:

– The length and width of the aperture.

– The height of the ceiling of the living room.

– Ceiling height of the attic floor.

– Ladder width.

– The height of the stairs (from floor to ceiling).

– The angle of inclination of the stairs (usually 45˚).

– Maximum load.

If you are using the attic space as an additional storage space, it is important to make sure that the stairs can withstand heavy loads. The maximum load for a wooden attic ladder is on average 160 kg, it can withstand 2 people. However, this information must be checked with the manufacturer.

Material wood

Attic ladders are made of metal (aluminum) or wood. The most common are attic stairs made of wood, as they are light in weight, stylish in appearance, they are durable and strong. In addition, they unfold silently. Wooden models are considered more convenient to install – they can be shortened with ordinary construction tools.

Wooden attic stairs are often made from species such as beech, pine, and spruce. Beech is the most durable and expensive material, less durable, but cheap – pine, as well as spruce. High-quality impregnation and protective coatings can significantly extend the service life of attic wooden stairs.


Safety is one of the main criteria for choosing wooden stairs to the attic. To buy wooden attic stairs that meet a high safety index, pay attention to the level of assembly, the quality of the fittings, the strength of the wood and the reliability of the elements.

This indicator directly depends on you: operate the ladder in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

You can also order wooden attic stairs with railings or handrails. They are not only safer, but also make it more convenient to use the ladder, for example, for transporting things.

Thermal insulation

If you are installing the stairs in a heated room, we recommend that you choose a heat-insulating cover for the frame. The thermal insulation properties of the product depend on the thickness and level of insulation of the manhole cover, and on the presence of a contour seal. This will help keep your home warm and save your money.


An important criterion is the availability of a warranty card for the attic ladder from the seller. Choosing wooden attic stairs under warranty, you will save yourself from unnecessary financial risks and unforeseen situations. Also pay attention to whether there are service centers and warranty support services in your country to service your product. This mainly applies to foreign companies whose production facilities are located abroad, and they are not able to service attic wooden stairs in your country.

How to care for a wooden loft ladder?

To ensure the durability and good appearance of the stairs to the attic made of wood, you need to carefully care for its condition.

Follow the simple rules of exploitation:

– The installation of the stairs should be carried out in the room where the interior finishing work is completed or before the whitewashing and final screeding of the walls, it depends on the design of the ceiling and the finishing material of your walls.

– Keep the room temperature between -5 and +30°C and minimize the possibility of sudden temperature changes, as they damage the wood. Maintain humidity levels between 40% and 60%. When the air is dry, the wood shrinks, and when the humidity is high, it swells, in addition, metal parts are subject to corrosion.

– After installation, the stairs must be treated with a special antiseptic, varnish, or paint (if the manufacturer of your stairs did not carry out such processing during production, you can check this in the product description). This will increase the strength and durability of the stairs and will also become an obstacle to the penetration of dirt, moisture and parasites.

– Wipe the wooden attic stairs with a slightly damp, preferably dry cloth. Refrain from aggressive detergents that contain acetone or chlorine.

– Every 4 months, check the screws, bolts, and the torque of the ladder and hatch hinge.

Where to order high-quality wooden attic stairs?

The online platform of wooden products LIGNO offers you to buy attic wooden stairs in Ukraine with a warranty from the manufacturer. You can order wooden ladder to the attic wholesale or retail. We offer you a large selection of stylish, modern and reliable products in different sizes.

Wooden attic ladder ECO Mini

This is a folding attic ladder with 4 sections. It is reliable in use, suitable for rooms with small ceiling openings. When unfolded, the structure has a height of 280 cm.

Wooden attic ladder ECO+ Long

A fairly high beech attic staircase, which has high strength, is ideal for a room with a height of up to 3.4 meters.

Wooden attic ladder Compact ST

Attic stairs made of environmentally friendly wood, has 3 sections, strong and durable. The design is lightweight and easy to fold and unfold.

Wooden attic ladder Luxe Mini

This wooden ladder will ideally fit into a small room for climbing to the attic. It is made of beech wood. The design contains strong metal galvanized elements.

For wholesale orders, call +380732214481 or email us at info@ligno.com.ua!

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