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Wooden Christmas decorations

LIGNO Group Dec 16, 2021 Products 0 Comments

Everyone, both adults and children, is looking forward to the New Year holidays! To feel the spirit of Christmas and get the New Year mood, you need to create a suitable atmosphere.

For this you will need to decorate your house or apartment, you can choose different colors, but the trend of 2021 is minimalism and natural colors. Famous decorators choose wooden decorations: wooden toys for the Christmas tree, Christmas figurines made of wood, and wooden accessories for the New Year.

It is not so easy to find high quality Christmas decorations made of wood, so we have selected for you the most interesting items from the assortment of the LIGNO marketplace.

Why choose wooden Christmas decorations?

Wood has a lot of advantages over other materials such as plastic, glass, metal. We will analyze the most important advantages of wooden decorations for Christmas holidays.

Environmental friendliness. Wood is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material. Christmas decorations made of wood decompose quickly in the natural environment or can be used as biofuel for recycling. Do not worry about the population of trees, because for such needs a controlled amount is cut down in special places.

Durability. Such a Christmas decor made of wood can serve you for many years, especially if you have children in your house. It will keep a presentable look for a long time, and it is resistant to mechanical damage. It has become fashionable to decorate the Christmas tree with wooden toys, since you do not have to collect dangerous fragments if it falls.

Safety. Wooden Christmas decor is made from non-toxic certified material, manufacturers try to cover the surface with water-based paints and varnishes, and some even refuse to cover, leaving the natural texture of the wood. Well-polished decorative items are the safest and most pleasant to the touch.

Creativity. The creative advantage of wooden Christmas decor is the unique texture of each decoration, which cannot be achieved in serial plastic products, because they will all be the same.

How to decorate your home for Christmas

Decorating the tree is not enough to create a true Christmas atmosphere. You need to take care of those places that will immediately fall into the field of view of your guests: coffee tables, fireplaces, windowsills, shelves, dressers, sideboards. With the following items, you can truly festively decorate your home and surprise your guests!


Christmas rocking – 5 oak figurines based on Christmas stories. The set includes a crescent moon, an angel, a Christmas tree, a rocking horse, and a glove. You can place the figurines under the Christmas tree, on the shelf or create your own theater!

U-Fidgets-Gearsmas – is a set of 4 miniature models that you can assemble by yourself and use as interesting wooden Christmas tree toys. The set includes Snowman, Snowflake, Bell, Moon. These Christmas tree decorations will be a stylish addition to the general composition.

Mechanical models

Wooden 3D puzzle "Christmas Tree" – this decorative mechanical mini Christmas tree can be placed on the coffee table in the living room. It is easy and fun to assemble, and it can circle around its axis!

Wooden 3D puzzle "Snowflake" is a three-dimensional wooden model of a snowflake, which changes the position of its edges, when you turn the lever. Assembling this 3D construction set will not be difficult for you or your child. Only 34 parts that are connected without the help of glue, the model will help to train fine motor skills of hands, attention, imagination and dexterity.

Wooden 3D puzzle "Christmas ball" – the wooden constructor "Christmas ball" will become the center of attention anywhere, you can hang it on the tree or on the door in the hallway near the Christmas wreath. You can put an electric garland, sweets, tinsel, or any other decorations inside a wooden Christmas ball. You can ask your child to complete the puzzle, he or she will also be able to develop manual dexterity and technical thinking skills..


Wooden picture "Deer" – exquisite picture of Christmas symbol - a red deer, harnessed to Santa Claus's sleigh. The picture is painted with environmentally friendly water-based enamel. You can use it as an everyday decor not only for your home, but also for your office.

Wooden coloring picture Christmas tree – draw a Christmas painting with your own hands using this set. Wooden picture "Christmas tree" will look great in any room, creating a cozy atmosphere of a fabulous holiday.


Walnut board «Horns» is not just a kitchen accessory, but also a creative wooden Christmas decoration that will look perfect on a fireplace or on a dresser. A unique element of the board is deer horns. You can also hang Christmas wooden toys on them.

Wall clock Moku Nakagawa is a wooden clock shaped like a snowflake that has frozen on your wall. You can decorate them with Christmas tinsel or a bright garland, which will look very impressive.

Where to buy wooden decorations for Christmas?

An online platform of wooden products LIGNO offers stylish and quality goods for your home, office, restaurant, hotel, cafe, bar and much more. Here you can buy themed wooden decorations before the Christmas, as well as for other holidays – the assortment is very diverse.

You can order handmade diverse decor made from wood according to your own layouts or drawings. It's very easy to do! Just fill out the form "WOOD PRODUCTS TO ORDER" on our website and we will contact you within a few days. Read more about the service of production of wooden products in the section "Custom wood products manufacturing".

We offer competitive prices, high quality, professional service, and worldwide shipping.

Thanks to LIGNO, preparing for New Year and Christmas will be easier and more fun than ever!

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