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Wooden tables

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A wooden table is the centerpiece of every room, no matter the size, because even a small coffee table immediately catches the eye, not to mention large wooden dining tables.

In this article, you can find out all the important information about wooden tables: their main types, production materials and popular styles. And most importantly, you will find out where you can buy high-quality wooden tables wholesale and retail.

The main categories of wooden tables

Dining table

The central place where the whole family and guests gather. It is important to choose the right wooden dining table for your space, it is necessary to consider not only the size, but also the shape.

Dining tables made of wood can be of different shapes: round, oval, square or rectangular. In terms of ergonomics for small kitchens or dining rooms, it is better to choose rectangular and square tables.

Size variations are also very diverse. Wooden dining tables are small for 2-4 people, medium from 5 to 10 people, and very large for 10 people or more.

Wooden folding dining tables can expand and increase their capacity, which is very convenient for saving space.

Wooden office table

A wooden office table can be placed both at home, in the workspace, and in the office.

At such tables it should be convenient to spend time during long work. Many wooden tables have height adjustments to help you adjust to a comfortable position for your body.

A wooden table can be designed for one person or several. It is worth giving preference to a long wooden table if you need to work on two monitors.

Wooden coffee table

A wooden coffee table is a low table that is designed to be placed in a seating area such as a living room.

It is convenient to place a wooden coffee table near a sofa or chair so that you can easily reach out and take a magazine, book, tablet.

Wooden coffee tables come in many shapes, sizes, styles. When choosing, be guided by the size of the room, its interior, and the overall style of the furniture.

Wooden dressing table

Dressing tables made of wood look like small desks, equipped with drawers and shelves for storing various accessories.

They are most often placed in the bedroom, less often placed in spacious dressing rooms and bathrooms to comfortably do hair and makeup, choose clothes. In addition, a wooden dressing table gives a special charm to the room where it was installed.

For a complete set to the dressing table, you need to buy a mirror, some are already sold complete with it.

Wooden side table

A wooden side table is also called an accent table, it is small, placed near the bed, sofa. The shape of a wooden side table can be different: triangular, round, square, and so on.

Wooden accent tables have a practical purpose: they serve to place table lamps, organizers, and other small items that you need to have quick access to.

An accent wooden table draws attention, adds depth and contrast to the room, so you should pay special attention to its style when buying.

Table materials

Solid wood tables

Tables made of solid wood will become a real highlight of the room, they cause a feeling of delight and admiration. Such wooden tables are a real piece of art.

Solid wood tables serve not for years, but for decades. In addition to being very durable, they are also incredibly reliable, such wooden tables can be restored after long-term use with the help of grinding and polishing.

However, sometimes the price of solid wood tables is higher than other materials. It depends on the type of wood, rarity and age of the wood, design, fittings, etc.

For the manufacture of solid wood tables, hardwood is preferred, it is more durable, it is more difficult to scratch it. Such species are used as: oak, walnut, ash, as well as conifers: pine, cedar, larch, and others.

MDF tables

Tables made from MDF (medium-density fibreboard) are denser and more durable than tables made from particle board (chipboard).

The advantage of this material over chipboard is that MDF is virtually unaffected by high humidity and other external factors. Thus, you can buy an MDF table for the kitchen, bathroom and even the garden.

MDF is highly flexible, so unique tables with complex shapes are made from this material. Also, various patterns and milling can be easily applied to MDF due to the fine structure and high density.

Chipboard tables

Wooden tables made of chipboard (particle board) are less durable than solid wood tables, as well as MDF. They are easier to damage, and they are not as durable. A table made of chipboard is perfect for a living room, bedroom, or office.

Such tables are not recommended for use in rooms with high humidity, such as in the kitchen, as water can enter through damage inside and cause swelling and change in shape.

However, a very big advantage of chipboard tables is that they are cheaper than other types of wood materials. There is a huge selection of tables and desks made of chipboard, they have a stylish and modern look. Often chipboard countertops are covered with natural wood veneer - this allows you to get a natural look of the table at a relatively low price.

Tables with a combination of glass and wood

Modern glass tables are popular for use in the living room, kitchen, dining room, office. You can find glass dining tables, glass coffee tables, glass worktables, and more.

There can be a variety of combinations of wood with glass, for example, the main frame of the table is made of wood, and the top is made of glass. A table made of solid wood with glass inserts also looks very stylish.

The advantage of a glass top is that it is easy to clean, and it fits almost any interior, while the wooden base will provide you with stability and reliability in exploitation.

Tables with a combination of stainless steel and wood

The combination of stainless steel with wood to produce tables can be very different. For example, stainless steel is used to make the frame, and the countertop is made of wood.

In this case, the frame has very strong properties, and the wooden surface is easy to care for. The stainless-steel countertop gets dirty quickly and leaves marks that are difficult to clean.

Moreover, this combination of materials looks very stylish and reflects the spirit of modernity.

A stainless-steel table combined with wood is ideal not only for the home, but also for restaurants, bars and hotels. It can serve for many years, is resistant to humidity and temperature changes, and is easy to care for.

Styles of wooden tables

Classic style

Tables in the classical style are associated exclusively with such rich types of wood as sandalwood, mahogany, oak, ash, walnut. Of course, such tables cost a lot of money, but natural wood can be seen with the unaided eye, it adds incredible luxury to the atmosphere.

However, you can save money and buy a table made of MDF or chipboard with natural wood imitation (coated with natural veneer). With these materials you can also recreate the classic style, in addition, a large selection of colors, patterns and decorations is available to you. This makes it possible to choose the most suitable wooden table for your interior.

Classic style wooden tables have simple and symmetrical shapes, they are practical and never go out of style.

Loft style

The loft style has gained incredible popularity, especially among fans of functionalism and minimalism.

Loft-style kitchen tables are made from natural materials such as wood and metal. As in the classics, comfort and versatility are valued in loft-style wooden tables.

Loft-style wood tables are characterized by dark-colored solid wood tops, rough finishes, and exposed metal structures.

High-tech style

This style has completely departed from the classics one. High-tech tables are characterized by laconic forms, functionality, lack of decorative elements.

High-tech wooden tables often have glass tops or glass elements in a wooden top. Sometimes iron inserts or electronics are also used. It looks very modern and fashionable, and in any room in the kitchen or bedroom.

French Provence style

The most comfortable and softest of all styles is Provence. It is close to the classic style but has some differences.

The Provence style wooden table is simple, without pretentious elements and decorations. Often the wood is decorated in vintage decorating style, added artificial scuffs.

Provence-style wooden tables can have carved murals and patterns on the tabletop or legs. Most often, the sizes of Provence style wooden tables are small, the shapes are round or square.

Buy wooden tables in LIGNO

The wood products marketplace LIGNO offers a huge range of wooden tables, you can also order a table according to your own drawings or layouts in the Custom wood products manufacturing section. Just fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.

Some interesting wooden tables from the LIGNO catalog:

Dining table HORIZON

A chic dining table with a steel frame and natural oak veneer top. Ideally fit into the style of minimalism, hi-tech or loft.

The natural oak veneer table is available in three sizes, you can also choose design. With the HORIZON wooden dining table, you will create a unique atmosphere in your kitchen or dining room.

Coffee table CUBE

A light and casual coffee table made of wood will bring a touch of style and comfort to the interior of any room.

You can choose the color of the metal leg: black, dark green or beige.

The CUBE wood coffee table is easy to move and is very durable!

Writing desk PYRAMID

One of the most stylish desks that you can see in online store catalogs!

The PYRAMID wooden writing desk has a minimalistic design, and its color scheme is designed in gray-black tones, with brown elements.

The handles and legs are made of metal, and the table is made of high-quality chipboard.

This wooden table is perfect not only for home, but also for the office!

If you have any questions about placing an order for a wooden table at LIGNO, please call +380732214481 or email us at info@ligno.com.ua.

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