On this page, you can place an order for wood products according to individual characteristics and design, find out about the possibilities of custom production, as well as evaluate the advantages of ordering on the online platform of wood products LIGNO.

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Wholesalers. We offer the manufacture of wholesale orders in an unlimited number of wood products according to your specifications with the possibility of stable supplies.

Distributors. We organize the production and supply of quality wood products on time, with the ability to adapt packaging and marketing materials. We will arrange delivery to your warehouse.

Brands. We will make a product from wood and branded accompanying materials (boxes, brochures, postcards, tags, etc.) according to your unique design. We contractually guarantee the protection of the confidentiality of your brand attributes.

HoReCa. We implement a stylish design and provide high quality wood products for your restaurant, cafe or hotel, as well as the ability to personalize products according to the characteristics of your placement.

Private persons. We make not only wholesale lots, but also retail orders according to your drawings at reasonable prices. Create a natural and cozy atmosphere in your home or office with wooden furniture, decor and accessories.



1. Competitive prices. Thanks to an effective and thoughtful approach to the organization of production and pricing, we offer competitive prices in the Ukrainian market.

2. Short terms of production. Thanks to high-tech equipment and large production capacities, as well as proper planning of workload, we will implement your order as soon as possible.

3. No restrictions on the volume of the order. You can order both 1 small product and a large wholesale order with various types and combinations of turnkey wood products.

4. Responsibility in cooperation. We fully devote ourselves to work, strive to establish long-term cooperation and adhere to the specified deadlines and agreements. Everything is agreed, as well as the requirements for products are fixed in the contract.

5. Quality assurance. With many years of experience in woodworking, we are responsible for the quality of products and monitor it at all stages. Our goal is to provide you with products that are ready to use, without any defects or damage.

6. Professional export department. Thanks to a professional export department, we organize the preparation of products for export, provide full support and carry out safe delivery under Incoterms 2020 terms to any country or region, whether it is wooden toys or large-sized wooden building materials.

7. Individual selection of sizes and designs. You can customize the product according to your own criteria and wishes. We will help you design your product and develop packaging, make samples for evaluation.

8. High quality service. We offer not only high quality and fashionable wood products, but also professional advice, quick feedback and pleasant communication.



Furniture. Any wooden furniture of your choice is available in this category: dining tables, coffee tables, sideboards, armchairs, sofas, beds, stools, children's furniture. You can configure wooden furniture by wood species, colors, sizes, design, and by style: modern, art deco, hi-tech, minimalism, loft and others.

Lighting items. At your choice, you can order chandeliers, sconces, table and floor lamps. An available assortment of wood species for making custom-made lighting items: walnut, oak, ash, etc. You can create your own unique lighting design for your home, office or HoReCa, choose the color of your lamp cover, the required length of the cable for fixing the chandelier, the brightness of the lighting, etc. Our lamps and fixtures are of the highest quality.

Decor. Decor and decorative wood products are best suited to decorate the room and create a comfortable atmosphere. You can model them yourself, and we can make them come true. We will make custom-made decorations such as interior paintings made of wood, wooden wall clocks, mirrors with a wooden frame, etc., suitable for any room style from modern to classic. Color, size, type of wood and shape: create a unique product according to your own project.

Accessories. Wooden clocks, organizers, stands, key holders, mini-tables for laptops, boxes - we will make all these household items for a comfortable life according to your individual order. If you have wishes to print your own logo, initials, choose the material, the shape of the product, then go ahead! Together with LIGNO, you can create all your fantasies in the design of ecological wood products.

Kitchen products. We suggest ordering high-quality wooden items for the kitchen, from dishes to coasters. The choice of design, shape, wood type, finishing material (natural varnishes, oils), as well as the put of any logo is available, and the quantity of the order is not limited.

Joinery. Make an order for wall panels, windows, doors, stairs, wood flooring for interior decoration of home, office, restaurant, hotel. We offer a wide variety of shapes, types of wood, styles. We will carry out an individual selection of sizes, colors and shades, we will help with installation.

Wood building products. Square beams of various sections, wall laminated veneer lumber, glued laminated timber, rafters, beams, overlap, as well as related wood panel products, you can order all at LIGNO.

Other products. You can contact us to assess the possibility of custom-made any other wood products not listed above.



Harvesting of wood. The first stage is the selection and harvesting of wood. Depending on the type of product, the processing method and features of the wood structure are determined: the length and diameter of the log, the type of wood, the need for sanding, etc.

The most used types are:

Oak. A classic among wood species, it is hard and has a tan hue. Oak is extremely resistant to external influences and it lends itself well to processing. It has a beautiful texture; the annual rings are clearly visible. It is widely used for the manufacture of furniture, lining, flooring, veneer and other products.

Spruce. It is a soft wood with crisp annual rings and red hues. It releases resins that have a pleasant smell and beneficial properties for the human lungs. It has a low density, but despite this, furniture, veneer, and floor coverings are made from it. It is also used as construction timber.

Pine. The most used type of wood and one of the cheapest species, which has many advantages: stable, lightweight, durable. It has a pleasant yellowish color, and closer to the core it has a pink and brownish red color.

Walnut. Walnut wood is extremely dense and durable, resistant to external influences. It has an exquisite decorative pattern, and the color ranges from light brown to dark brown and almost black. Suitable for the manufacture of exquisite furniture, accessories, kitchen products, doors, floors, veneers, lining. Walnut is considered the most expensive wood species in Ukraine.

Ash. Hardwood with medium density and high strength. The heartwood is brown and green, and the sapwood is white with pink and yellow tints.

Receiving lumber. The next step is sawing the harvested logs into pieces, as a result of which we get lumber. For the manufacture of lumber, logs of various lengths and diameters are used, as well as various quality characteristics, depending on the required final product. Lumber is divided into not edging and edging, as well as in shape into the following types: boards, beams, flitches, bars, plates.

– Boards - lumber of rectangular sections, which have a thickness of 15 mm to 100 mm, and the ratio of length to width is more than 1: 2.

– Beams - the most durable and thickest lumber, rectangular or square, have a thickness and width of 100 mm or more.

– Flitches - longitudinal sawing cuts off the side of the log, which can become a waste of primary woodworking, can be used as formwork or draft fence, and can also be processed into wood chips to produce panel materials or biofuels (fuel chips or wood-pellets).

– The bars are rectangular or square sawn timber, their thickness should not be more than 100 mm, and the width should not exceed the thickness by more than two times.

– Plates - sprayed into two equal parts along the log.

Draft blanks. Production by professional woodworking equipment of polished or non-planed bars of various sizes, close to the size required for the manufacture of furniture, stairs, floors, toys and other wood products. The next step is necessary to make precise sizes and shapes. At each stage, quality control is carried out, respectively, defective workpieces are rejected and do not go to the next stage of technological processing.

Finishing blanks. The difference between draft and finishing blanks is the degree of surface finish of the workpiece and the dimensions of the workpiece. A finishing piece is a dry rough piece machined to the overall dimensions of the part.

Grinding. Processing of workpiece surfaces with grinding and cutting tools. The main task of grinding is to provide a surface with a smooth structure, set the desired overall size, leveling and removing the top layer of wood.

Wood finishing. A process that involves covering wood with a protective and decorative layer of an antiseptic, varnish, paint, oil for an aesthetic and / or protective purpose. Paints and varnishes must reliably stay on the surface of the wood to protect against external factors: moisture, pests, heat, light, mechanical damage.

Sending finished products. After the wooden products are ready for use, there is a quality control of finished products, packing in boxes, drawing up boxes on pallets (in the case of a bulk order) and sending them to the warehouse to the customer.



1. Request for production. You fill out an online form, we process it, contact you and discuss the details.

2. Review by LIGNO technologists. Experts analyze the order, design a model, establish technical characteristics, while considering the purpose of the product, type of wood, dimensions, finish, etc. Calculate the amount of required raw materials and other production materials, costs and production time.

3. Coordination of the terms of cooperation. After the layout is created and all the details are known, we proceed to the next stage: discussion and agreement of the price, terms, signing the contract. At this stage, there may be production and delivery of a sample of your product.

4. Payment. We offer several payment options:

– 100% prepayment

– 50% prepayment, 50% before shipping

– 50% prepayment, 50% after receiving

You can choose any of the proposed options that will be convenient for you. Read more about payment terms here.

5. Manufacturing. When everything is carefully planned and agreed upon, as well as a contract has been signed, we can go to the manufacturing stage, which will continue in accordance with the agreed terms.

6. Delivery. Finished products are delivered in a way convenient for you. We select a delivery service depending on the size and weight of your order. More about delivery terms here.



In order to create a product that will meet your individual wishes, please fill out the "Custom wood products manufacturing" form.

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If the question in the form does not correspond to the characteristics of the products that you want to make to order, write to us at info@ligno.com.ua. Together we will formulate a request that will meet your criteria!