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Wooden 3D puzzle "Christmas ball"

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The “Christmas Ball” wooden construction set will be a unique and affordable gift that will definitely please your children, help in developing their skills of technical thinking, fine motor skills, logic, and fill the house with the New Year atmosphere.


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The “Christmas Ball” wooden construction set is a unique and memorable set that allows you to plunge your child into the sea of positive emotions of the New Year season. A small number of tiny details and a spherical structure contribute to the development of logic and technical thinking. It is intended for children from 14 years old.

The main feature of the “Christmas Ball” is the variability of the filling to create a truly unique themed toy that can become the main decoration of the Christmas tree and the whole house on New Year’s Eve. You can put a New Year’s silver cascade, a miniature shimmering electric garland, a colored streamer, sweets, or any other decorations inside the wooden ball.

The family gathering of the construction set will eliminate barriers and help to find common interests, bring parents closer to their children, and will become a wonderful tradition during the New Year holidays.

The design uses only environmentally friendly materials and provides the automatic mechanism that opens the lid when you press the “Push” button. The set is equipped with elastic bands for hanging, which can be replaced with colorful curly ribbons.


1000 Items

Data sheet

Package size
185*185*30 mm
Made in
Without glue
Number of parts
162 pcs
The complexity of the assembly
Average time to assembly
1-2 hours
Model's size
119*126*119 mm

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