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Wooden coloring picture is the perfect art kit for you and your family.


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Wooden picture on the wall is a great decor element for home, office, cafe or restaurant. Woodwork has its own special atmosphere. Such an element of decor will be an excellent addition to the interior design and will bring new colors and accents to it.

You can buy a wooden picture painting as a gift for family and friends for any occasion. To create a picture out of wood with your own hands, you need to paint the layers of the picture, glue them together and hang them on the wall.

Everything is very easy! The result is a stylish wood painting and cool home decor. A pleasant bonus will be a good mood from the process of creating something cool with your own hands.

The wooden painting set includes:

1. Layers of wood painting

2. Paints

3. Brushes

4. PVA glue for gluing layers together

5.2 clamps for gluing layers of wood painting

6. Wall mount

The creative set will be a great alternative to complex needlework for you, your family and friends.

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Overall dimensions
30x40 cm
Number of layers
7 pcs

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