Wooden 3D puzzle "Tower-Arcbalist"


We invite you to plunge into the romance of the Middle Ages and try yourself as a master of siege art with an interesting new model "Tower-Arkbalista".


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The design and mechanism of the "Tower-Arkbalista" model have absorbed the best examples of ancient artillery devices, legendary battles revived in films, books, games. This model is a variation of the classic combat vehicle, giving you the opportunity to feel like a great conqueror and a hero of the past.

The model consists of two parts: a siege machine (arkbalists) and a mechanical tower. Both parts have many movable mechanical assemblies and parts.

The arkbalista also consists of two parts: the firing module and the base. The base provides a mechanism with sliding "paws" to give the structure stability when firing. Arkbalista shoots wooden projectiles. The mechanism allows you to install four shells at the same time and make several shots in a row.

The model implements a mechanism for horizontal and vertical guidance, which regulates the rotation and tilt of the body. On the right side of the model case there is a lever that starts the mechanism. The same lever is the trigger. The firing module is removed from the base and can be installed on the upper platform of the Tower - the second part of the model.

The Tower and the Arkbalista promise an exciting medieval adventure for brave heroes who were not afraid to accept the challenge and assemble an ecological constructor with their skillful hands without glue and special tools - only with the help of mechanical magic. In contrast to the harsh reality of the medieval siege, which can hardly be attributed to a type of family leisure, the mechanical model "Tower-Arkbalista" was created solely for entertainment, positive emotions and pleasant pastime. Therefore, we highly recommend taking this trip with the whole family. Train exactly, capture castles, feel the spirit of chivalry and rescue a beautiful lady with a fascinating and interesting 3d model "Tower-Arkbalista".


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Size in finished form
Tower - 15,3*9,5*9,6 cm; Archballista - 9*8,1*14,2 cm
Package size
37*17*2,7 cm
Assembly time
6 hours
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