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Wooden figurines

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Figures are miniature sculptures of various shapes: animals, people, birds, objects. They are made from various materials. We will consider only ecological wooden figurines.

Wooden figurines are not only entertaining toys for children. They also have other functions.

– Used in decor. Modern wooden figurines look stylish in modern style, chalet, rustic, lounge, loft and so on.

– Some nations believe that wooden figurines have the power of a talisman, protect against diseases, bring well-being to the house, and get rid of troubles.

– Help to educate children, and even adults. They train fine motor skills of hands, help to learn about the world, and for example, soldier figures are used by the military for tactical battle planning.

– They are luxury goods. Some antique figurines cost fabulous money, and real inveterate collectors are hunting for their purchase.

The history of wood figurines

Now there is no exact information regarding the date of the appearance of the first wooden figured toys. It should be noted that wood was one of the earliest materials for making toys, besides stone, straw and clay. Due to its ease of processing and durability, this material was often used to make toys for children, including figurines.

The oldest figurine in the form of a man was found in Egypt during archaeological excavations. It was made of wooden planks, clothes were painted on it, and beads served as hair.

Each nation, regardless of the period of history, had its own colorful figures, symbolizing its own character and traditions. Each has unique features: painting, color palette, bizarre shapes, a special way of carving, and much more. Further you can familiarize yourself with the famous wooden toys of different nations.

Dancing figurine

Jig dolls also called dancing figurines, are traditional British toys made from wood for the entertainment of both adults and children. They imitate the fiery jig dance thanks to their free-moving limbs.

Dancing figures have been a popular street entertainment for hundreds of years. It is known that in the 16th century they came to England from Italy. The oldest discovered figurine was found in the Crystal Palace (London) in 1851. It is a feminine silhouette, dressed in a fluffy skirt and shawl, now it is kept in the Cliffe Castle Museum.

The average height of traditional dolls is 20–30 cm. The connecting element is implanted into the hands, hips, and knees of the doll. The artist tied a thread to himself and skillfully controlled the dance of the man, the crowd liked it and gave a chance to earn some pennies.

Today Jig dolls are popular not only in the UK, but also in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and even in some Asian countries.

Wooden figurines of the Hutsuls

Hutsul figurines reflect the motives of the life of Western Ukrainians, are made of wood: pear, willow, sycamore, tilia, aspen. Figures are often decorated with Petrykivka painting, bright colors are used: red, blue, green.

Especially famous is the Hutsul figurine made of wood "Bereginya", it played the role of talisman that kept the well-being and health of the owners.

Hutsul figurines are popular as souvenirs. Everyone who goes to the Carpathians will not be able to resist such an original gift for relatives.

Dalecarlian horse

Dala horse or Dalecarlian horse is a wooden figurine in the shape of a horse, is the national symbol of Sweden. The main province producing these figurines is Dalarna, and the largest and oldest manufacturing town is Nusnäs.

The traditional version has no tail and has joined ears, painted red with white and blue patterns. The toys come in a wide variety of sizes, from tiny centimeter-sized horses to half-meter horses.

According to legend, the first wooden horse figurine was carved by a carpenter, for his children, as a toy from the leftover wood from the chair. The oldest mention of the Dalecarlian hors date from 1624 in the sermon of Bishop Johannes Rudbeck, he thought that it was the source of sin. It was accepted that the whole family participated in the production: the husband cut out, and the wife painted.

Modern Swedish horses are traditionally made and painted by hand, apart from the shape of the horse, which is cut with a band saw on a stencil. Of course, the material of manufacture is wood: pine, alder, maple.

Marapachi dolls

Marapachi dolls also Marapachi Bommais (translated as "wooden doll") - traditional Indian figurines of men and women, carved from wood such as sandalwood, sequoia or silk cotton wood.

Mothers bring them as gifts to their daughters, and in South India, parents give them to newlyweds for healthy and strong offspring.

Marapachi dolls participate in various Indian festivals as an exhibition. Often, they can be seen in the apartments of Europeans and Americans as a decor or accessory.


Kokeshi is a painted Japanese figurine made of wood, the peculiarity of which is that the kokeshi has no arms or legs. The first dolls were made in Tohoku in Northeast Japan.

The head and cylindrical body are turned on a lathe. The wood species used are dogwood, cherry, birch, and maple. Most often, these toys are painted in black, red, yellow colors, flower patterns are drawn.

Today, kokeshi is a popular souvenir that has been produced in large quantities since 1945.

Manufacturing process of wooden figurines

In general, the essence of the production process of toy figures does not differ much between manufacturers, but large conveyor manufacturers have equipment that allows them to quickly manufacture products in large volumes.

Sketch creation. At this stage, it is necessary to draw a sketch, determine the appearance of the figurine, its dimensions, choose the type of wood, and calculate the amount of material, costs.

Wood preparation. Before starting the production of toys, the material of manufacture must be carefully prepared and dried. After that, boards are made from logs on the sawmill, which are then processed into a bar.

Wood processing and shape sawing. To prepare the timber for the next stage, it is sawn, planed, polished. Each type of work requires a specific machine. A milling machine or a turning-milling machine is used to shape the workpiece. Drilling machine makes holes in blind and through holes. The grinding machine removes all imperfections of the surface, makes it smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Coloring. At this key stage, painters and artists turn the blank into a colorful figurine for children or decor. They paint it and apply patterns, after which they cover it with a special protective varnish. Some figurines are not treated with paint or varnish, instead, natural oil is used, which makes the figurine completely environmentally friendly and safe.

Package. At the final stage, quality control passes and finally, the wooden figurine is packed to get into the hands of its new friend!

Christmas Rocking

Please your child for the Christmas holidays with figures from natural wood "Christmas Rocking". Moreover, this is not only an educational gift, but also a beautiful decor, thanks to which you can create a Christmas composition or bring any of your creative ideas to life.

These are quality eco-toys from LIGNO covered with natural linseed oil. The set includes 5 figures: a Christmas tree, an angel, a horse, a crescent, and a warm glove. It is securely packed, and especially for you, we will enclose a postcard with an individual congratulation.

Custom wooden figurines

At LIGNO you have the opportunity not only to buy ready-made wooden figurines for children from the catalog, but also to create your own sketches, according to which we will make toys according to the deadline. The batch size is unlimited!

To make custom-made wooden figures, you need to fill out a special form, which will not take you more than 20 minutes. If you have any difficulties filling out the application, you can call us at +380732214481 or email us info@ligno.com.ua. We guarantee high-quality implementation of your order and the best result.

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