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Wooden educational toys

LIGNO Admin Sep 30, 2021 Products 0 Comments

The first primitive toys appeared in antiquity, they were made from available materials: straw, stones, branches, and later from clay and wood. Wooden toys for kids not only entertained, but also taught children to learn about the world, to identify danger, and helped to grow.

The modern toy also plays an important role in the upbringing of a child. Through toys, we learn about the environment, learn to think creatively, develop imagination, cognitive skills, and logic. During play, children learn sensory development, explore objects, their colors, sizes, and shapes.

Wooden toys for education of a child play a very important role, this tactile material trains motor skills, attentiveness, and memorability. There is such a large selection that you can easily buy wooden educational toys for each child, with which he can play for hours and not come off, and the most important thing is to study the world around him!

Educational toys made of wood: advantages

Learning while playing has never been so much fun and interesting! Wooden toys for children have many advantages over plastic ones.


Wooden eco toys do not harm the environment, quickly decompose in natural conditions and are recyclable.


They are not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely durable, they can serve for more than one year.


In addition to the high degree of strength, a pleasant texture and tactile feel also play a role. Wooden tactile toys fit perfectly in the hand, the texture of the wood will help shape the sense of touch.


These safe toys will not crumble or break, even if dropped, so your child will not be able to swallow any small particles, which could result in serious injury.


Many custom-made wooden toys have several functions, they are adapted to play and teach various functions of the child's brain activity.


With toys such as puzzles, construction sets, wooden blocks, the child has the opportunity to stimulate his own creativity in a playful way.

Wooden toys are designed to safely educate your child in a fun way. If you want to buy wholesale wooden toys, you can visit our marketplace LIGNO.

What kind of wooden toys are educational?

Every parent wants their toddler to play with toys that are useful for future growing up and the perception of the environment. These are toys that are made of wood for children. They not only effectively take up the child's time, but also teach him new things. Certain wooden toys are most useful for specific tasks.

Wooden rattles for babies and musical instruments form motor skills, auditory, tactile, and visual sensations.

Simplicity without additional sound and light effects allows the child to actively engage his imagination, improve his creative skills, so the simplest wooden toys are suitable for the development of creativity: figures, cubes, models.

Walkers and runbikes develop the motor skills and physical abilities of every toddler.

Interesting brainteasers, jigsaw puzzles or constructor sets are suitable for elder children and allow them to develop concentration, logical thinking, perseverance.

Board games, counting frames, wood puzzles will be an interesting way to promote intellectual thinking.

A mechanical constructor will help a child learn how mechanical elements and machines work, train sensory skills, thanks to interesting shapes, moving parts and bright colors, as well as direct participation in the process of assembling a particular model.

Your main task is to participate in the child's games, assemble the constructor together, think over puzzles, then the child will learn more actively.

The most popular educational wooden toys at LIGNO

On the LIGNO online platform of wood products, a huge assortment of children's wooden toys is presented: rattles, figures, cubes, puzzles, mechanical 3D constructor, board games, runbikes, rocking and much more.

If you can't decide which toy to choose for your child, we have selected for you the most popular products that all kids and even their parents like!

Wooden toy "Forest Trees"


Try to balance the rest of the figures on any of the figures!

Wooden construction set Cubika 2


Build your own castle or, if you wish, any other building: house, garage, school. The amount of detail will allow you to make your dream project a reality.

Wooden 3D puzzle "Steam Locomotive with Tender"

Try to assemble a locomotive with a tender, follow the instructions, because this is not the easiest task.

Wooden toy "Xylophone" LKS-2


Let your child develop his creative skills by playing the LKS-2 Children's Wooden Xylophone.

You can also order wholesale wooden toys. We offer the best conditions: an unlimited number of goods, everything in stock, low prices, and fast delivery. Call us at +380732214481 or write to e-mail, we are always glad to cooperate!

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