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Wooden Scandinavian furniture

LIGNO Admin Sep 24, 2021 Products 0 Comments

Scandinavian furniture is foremost a laconic and stylish design, which has imprinted the character of the Nordic culture of the northern countries: Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland.

The Scandinavian style of furniture was born in the 30s - 50s of the twentieth century. Outstanding representatives who contributed to the modern popularity of this design were Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen, Borge Mogensen, Bruno Matsson, and many others. Some of the iconic pieces in the history of Scandinavian design are PH-lamp (1925), Stool 60 (1933), Pelican armchair (1940), Wishbone armchair (1949), Spanish Chair (1958).

List of modern architects and designers working in this direction: Lars Larsen, Bjarke Ingels, Luca Nichetto, Stine Gram, Enrico Fratesi, Louise Campbell.

Distinctive characteristics of Scandinavian design

Today the Scandinavian style is the standard of modern and comfortable living. The main feature is the use of natural materials in the manufacture, for example, light wood species, as well as glass, linen fabrics, wool, natural leather.

The design should be functional, ergonomic, discreet, and concise, with a minimalist aesthetic. Traditional Scandinavian designs are allowed, for example on decor items and accessories. Wooden accents prevail in the interior design, straight and symmetrical lines.

Much attention is paid to light and lighting: the premises should have large windows, where the bright light of the sun will penetrate during the day, and in the evening the room is illuminated by spectacular lamps made of natural wood, metal, glass. It is customary to use green plants for a variety of interiors. The upholstery of sofas and armchairs is made from natural and tactile fabrics.

Basic color palette

The main color among the Scandinavian style colors is white, it creates the impression of cleanliness, calmness, tenderness. It is used for both furniture and decor, it is often used together with gray shades.

We can also observe various shades of beige or cream. They can be mixed with dull green and blue. Dark accents, black, brown, metallic colors will look beneficial. Coffee colors predominate in this style due to the wooden floors and wooden furniture.

Why is Scandinavian furniture so popular?

More and more people are choosing the Nordic style when decorating. In 2021, this is the main trend among designers and architects. Let's look at the reason of this popularity.

Multifunctional design

First of all, it is a universal solution for your home and office, hotel, restaurant, bar and other commercial buildings. Scandinavian furniture and interiors will look fabulous in any room. Another advantage is that even small rooms will look spacious and comfortable.

The main concept is eco-friendly.

An important role in popularity plays the environmental aspect and care for nature, since such furniture is made from certified wood and other natural materials that are recyclable or quickly decompose without harm to our planet.

Great variety and positive atmosphere

By using the Nordic style, you can create a positive and inspired mood in your home. There is a huge selection of Scandinavian furniture on the market, and this will enable you to give a unique character to your space.

Relevance and modernity

Practical and aesthetic, Nordic-style furniture adapts to different needs and fits seamlessly into any space. Throughout the history of the formation of Nordic design, the basic principles have not changed, so old samples look relevant and fashionable, even in combination with other, newer, objects.

High strength

Not only due to its beautiful appearance, such furniture is used to furnish public buildings (hotels, restaurants, bars), an important role is also played by the highest quality, strength and durability of products made mainly from natural wood of noble species.

What types of wood are used in Scandinavian furniture?

Since this design came to us from northern European countries, many of the wood species used for furniture production are common in these territories. These include pine, beech, ash. These woods are characterized by light shades, from white and light yellow to pale beige, fine texture, practically no boughs or dark spots.

Less commonly used wood species such as birch and oak. The birch is well processed, elastic, yellow-white, pinkish, or light brown, the core and sapwood of the same shade. Oak is a more expensive species, has a brown or yellowish-brown color, and is very durable.

Designers often use solid wood to make Scandinavian-style chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture.

Scandinavian style furniture at LIGNO

The marketplace of wooden products LIGNO offers a huge selection of wooden furniture, accessories, and decor in the Nordic style. Here you will find everything: beds, stands, sideboards, dining tables and coffee tables, dressers, armchairs, sofas and much more.

We have selected for you new products of 2021 in the style of Nordic.

Bed Selena Eco


Wooden framed armchair MEXICO


Wooden chandelier ACRUX


Dresser Katherine Eco


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