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Wooden furniture for HoReCa

LIGNO Group Sep 10, 2021 Products 0 Comments

If you decide to open a new HoReCa business or change the design of your hotel, restaurant, bar, cafe, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with pieces of design advice and selection of suitable furniture.

It is a well-known fact that a well-designed interior of your place will provide you with interest and attraction of new customers, as well as an increase in business income!

Ideal restaurant furniture

Modern minimalism

This is one of the brand new design styles at the moment, which will look “expensive” and give your restaurant a special flavor. Choose simple colors, symmetrical lines, natural materials like wood, metal, and so on.


ORIGAMI Dining table

Comfort is most important thing

Be sure to use soft seats: sofas, armchairs, poufs, bar stools or dining chairs. A good restaurant should be not only beautiful, but also cozy, so your guests can truly relax and enjoy delicious dishes.

Quality furniture

High-quality furniture High-quality sofas, tables, chairs, showcases made of natural wood will serve in your restaurant for more than one year, even in spite of their regular use by visitors. Good furniture is highly functional and durable, giving the impression of a luxurious place where not only the appearance, but also the contents are appreciated!

Don't forget about lighting

Good lighting and stylish lamps create a unique atmosphere. Choose the right chandeliers and lighting fixtures so that they look harmonious with wooden furniture. A good option is wooden chandeliers! We wrote about the advantages of such lighting in the article "Wooden designer lamps".


Wooden chandelier CUBE

How to choose furnishings for a hotel?

Correct color spectrum

Do you know that colors affect a mood? This is necessary to know not only for the choice of furniture for the hotel, but also for the overall design. Cold shades such as blue, green, light blue induce relaxation and calmness, they are well suited for rooms. Yellow accents stimulate sociability and are often used in conference rooms and lobbies. Magenta lends a sense of sophistication, luxury, and riches, especially when combined with a gray or metallic hue.


Durability and reliability for many years

Since the design of a hotel requires huge capital costs, it is necessary to buy high-quality and reliable furniture so that it will serve you for many years and will not have to throw money away for a sleaze.

It is also worth considering the trends of modern style so that the hotel looks fashionable in 5 or even 10 years. Pay attention to styles such as: Scandinavian, eco-style, hi-tech, loft, contemporary, minimalism, they have been relevant for more than a year and will keep in trends for a long time.

Clear functionality

Beautiful hotel furniture should be functional and easy to use for your guests, especially in the rooms. New guests should understand how to use everything: how to unfold an armchair, open drawers, find a switch. It sounds simple, but in fact, many people cannot get used to a new place.

Wooden panels

A new trend for designers is the use of natural wood on the walls in various shapes and colors. Wood panels will give guests a sense of warmth and hospitality.


Wooden wall panel Arkansas

Perfect lighting

Hotel lighting has both practical and aesthetic value for guests and staff. It is especially important to choose a stylish chandelier in the main lobby that will create the first impression of your hotel.

Wooden furniture for your cafe

Pastel shades

This is one of the hottest trends this year. More and more cafes are choosing light pink, light green, blue, olive, mustard for the design of the hall and furniture. Chairs, tables, benches, sofas and even accessories of such colors will look organic in the context of a cafe where people can drink coffee and chat.


Strong accents

Several accent elements in the interior will create a unique charm of the cafe. The centerpiece can be a bar counter, a piece of furniture, or even an unusual accessory. For example, a picture made of wood, or a clock made of solid oak.

Convenient seats

Chairs should have a comfortable back to support the backbone. It is necessary that the height of the chair matches the height of the tables. Make sure chairs and tables are easy to clean and can be repaired, repainted or replaced as they wear out.


Designer chair ORIGAMI

You can buy wood furniture for HoReCa wholesale on our online platform of wooden products LIGNO. To place an order, write to us at e-mail ligno.market@gmail.com or call +380732214481.

All products are in stock, you can order in unlimited quantities. We offer high quality, favorable prices, fast delivery, and only stylish and modern furniture design in our catalog!

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