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Wooden chopping boards

Alina Buriachek Aug 18, 2021 Products 0 Comments

Every housewife in the kitchen has such a convenient and irreplaceable cooking appliance as a cutting board. But not everyone knows which board is better to choose, which material to give preference to.

One of the highest quality and most durable materials for making kitchen boards is wood. Later in the article, we will look at the main reasons to buy a wooden kitchen board.

The advantage of wooden boards

Wooden chopping boards for the kitchen have a lot of advantages over similar products made from plastic, glass or ceramics:

Do not damage the knives. Due to the soft structure of the wood, the blade of your knife will be sharp for a long period of time.

They are sterile and environmentally friendly. Wooden chopping boards are more hygienic as they have antibacterial properties. Moreover, the wood does not emit toxins and quickly decomposes in natural conditions when recycled.

They serve for a long time. Thanks to the wood's ability to withstand serious damage, a wooden board will be your assistant in the kitchen for several years or more. On these boards, the knife does not leave scratches and cuts, as on plastic ones, and they can also be sanded and restored. Due to their high strength, they are difficult to split and impossible to break, such as glass.

Beautiful accessory for the kitchen and living room. A wooden board can be used as a tray or as a beautiful plate for snacks, thereby surprising your guests with an interesting presentation. Or come up with your own version of decorating a room using an installation with boards.

Where to buy quality wooden boards?

The online platform for wood products LIGNO offers a large selection of wood boards in various designs.

It is not only profitable to order a wooden kitchen board from us, since we offer low prices, discounts and promotions, but it is also very convenient: there is fast delivery in any way convenient for you, quality assurance, we have professional employees.

Recently, we have launched a new function for products customization, in the form of a request you can simulate any type of wood products, including kitchen products that will meet your wishes.

Assortment of wooden boards in the LIGNO online store

Here you will find kitchen boards for every taste, of various designs, as well as from various types of natural wood: oak, walnut, ash, beech.

Kitchen board 24x15 cm

A durable beech wood board will be a reliable helper for every housewife during cooking.

Walnut board "Horns"


An ideal gift for hunters and fans of unusual accessories, it can be used not only as a cutting board, but also as a plate for serving meals.


Hornbeam and sapele board will become not only a practical accessory for the kitchen, but also a refined decor item thanks to the Ukrainian folk ornament.

E2E4 Cutting Board

An interesting combination of two types of wood, oak and walnut, create the perfect checkerboard pattern for you to create a food extravaganza and amaze your guests with exquisite presentation.

All presented products are in stock! In order to make a wholesale order or get more detailed information about products from the LIGNO wood products catalog, write to us at or call +380732214481.  

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