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Eco-friendly wooden toys

LIGNO Admin Aug 5, 2021 Products 0 Comments

A new trend that came to us from Europe and America is eco-friendly wooden toys for children, which are absolutely natural and safe even for the smallest children.

There is a wide variety of eco toys on the market for every child of different ages. However, before buying eco-friendly wooden toys, it is important to understand which toys are actually considered “environmentally friendly”, as this term is often used by marketers only to advertise and increase product sales.

Specifics of eco wooden toys production

Since wooden eco-toys for children in Ukraine are new products, you need to understand the standards for the production of children's toys. A prerequisite is the natural material of production. An eco-toy should be made from natural materials: wood, as well as bamboo, cardboard, plaster, fabric or clay.

Natural toys should be durable, especially if they are intended for babies, as small broken parts can be swallowed by the baby. Moreover, organic wood toys are free of toxins. Therefore, wood is most often used for the production of toys such as rattles, toy musical instruments, runbikes, models, figurines, and so on.

Also pay attention to the coating and processing. The safest toys are untreated and carefully polished. It is common practice to coat with oils and soy inks, as well as water-based varnishes and paints. However, if your baby is chewing on a rattle or a figurine, then you should choose toys that are sanded and untreated with paints and varnishes.

The safety of children's toys is strictly regulated by quality standards. For example, in the European Union toy products must comply with the safety standard EN 71, and the legislation of Ukraine is also subject to it. America has a similar ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard.

Wooden educational toys: benefits for children

In addition to the entertainment function, ecological toys made of wood should be beneficial for the education of children. During the game, the child learns the world, begins to fantasize, creates scenarios, communicates with other children.

Wooden toys help develop cognitive functions such as:






Please note that depending on the age of the baby, you need to choose the right toy for him/her.

Newborns: rattles, figurines, large rings, crib carousel.

From 1 to 3 years old: cubes, models, rings, rocking chairs.

From 3 to 6 years old: dominoes, cubes, mosaics, runbikes.

From 6 to 12 years old: construction set, 3D models, runbikes.

From 12 years old: volumetric 3D models, puzzles, constructors.

Read more in the article about toys that are appropriate for your baby's age: “Wooden toys wholesale”.

Where to buy real natural toys?

If you are looking for a store of wooden toys, then we offer you the online platform of wooden products LIGNO, where high-quality ecological wooden toys of Ukrainian production are presented.

We offer products from certified wood that meet European and Ukrainian quality standards. A large selection and favorable prices, quality assurance from the manufacturer, as well as fast delivery not only in Ukraine, but all over the world these are not all our advantages. We sell both large, wholesale orders, and retail, the goods are always in stock!

If you want to order wholesale eco-toys made of wood, write to us by e-mail or call +380732214481.

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