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Project WoodCircus

LIGNO Admin Jul 16, 2021 Uncategories 0 Comments

The construction sector is one of the most profitable and largest sectors of the European Union's economy, contributing approximately 9% of The European Union's GDP in 2020, as well as over 18 million jobs. Consequently, the construction sector of the economy produces a huge amount of waste, including 70.5 million tons of wood waste every year. Only one third of the waste is recycled and reused, and the rest of the wood waste is disposed of.

WoodCircus is a project that aims to promote the circular economy in the countries of the European Union.

The main goal of the project is to achieve the maximum efficiency of wood processing and reuse in the EU, by producing such products from wood waste as: boards, pallets, boxes, cardboard, biofuels and much more.

To implement the plan, the developers conduct research and analysis of the effectiveness of the construction sector value chains. Due to the increase in the volume of processed wood and due to the production of secondary products, new jobs appear, the profit of enterprises increases, and the environmental situation in the world is improving.

WoodCircus's mission is to create effective tools to view the wood construction value chain, raise awareness of environmental issues, optimize wood use and recycling through modern technology.

The website of WoodCircus project has many publications about the circular economy.

One of the successful cases is the Italian project Rilegno.

Rilegno is a national community of Italy with 2000 companies involved in the collection, recovery and recycling of wood waste.

The group of companies processes and manufactures according to the principles of a circular economy, which benefits both businesses and people and the environment.

Among participating companies there are manufacturers of wood chipboards, blocks, pallets and paper products, cellulose.

Processing products

On the basis of wood waste, such as chips, sawn timber trimmings, bark, sawdust, many useful and necessary products are made for construction, packaging, and energy production.

Particle board. Wood particles (shavings) are compressed with a binder, as a result we get chipboard.

Fiberboard. MDF is produced by pressing small wood chips and resin.

Wood-concrete loadbearing block. Waste wood that is bonded to concrete. Concrete wood blocks are a durable insulating building material.

Pallets. Pallets are made from recycled wood waste, used as transport containers.

Thermo mechanical pulping for paper and cardboard. Wood waste is used to make paper and cardboard products. The paper can be recycled up to 7 times.

Compost. After use, wooden packaging can be turned into compost, this is soil that is rich in organic fertilizers.

Biofuels. An alternative way of processing is the production of resources for energy, such as biofuels.

Rilegno consortium achievements

The most significant achievements of the Rilegno project in 2020 are:

More than 4500 municipalities represented by 42 million inhabitants have signed an agreement on the consent to the collection and processing of wood waste.

The collection network is spread across the entire territory with 419 private collection platforms that serve the commercial and industrial sector.

Each year, 15 wood panel manufacturers process approximately 3.2 million tonnes of finished products into cartons to support the construction and furniture industries.

 63% of the material is recycled into cardboard, which comes in the form of wooden packaging, such as crates, pallets, cable reels and corks.

 60 million pallets do not become waste, but are recovered and reused in the construction and furniture industries.

 The savings in carbon dioxide emissions are 1 million tons annually.

Wood as a material and wood products enable the implementation of all principles of a circular economy: ecodesign, sharing, goods as a service, reuse in production and consumption, multiple waste recycling.

Ukraine is just beginning its way of development of a circular economy.

Online platform of wood products LIGNO provides an assortment of wood products that can be purchased in retail and wholesale.

LIGNO cares about the environment and supports the principles of wise use of our planet's resources!

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