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Office building Valle Wood

LIGNO Group Jun 24, 2021 Сonstruction 0 Comments

Valle Wood is Norway's largest solid wood commercial building. It is located in the city of Oslo, in the center at Innspurten, 0663. A unique and inimitable building was under construction for 2 years, from 2017 to 2019.

Valle Wood an innovative building from NCC

The 7-storey building has a total area of 7700 sq.m. The building houses not only offices, but also restaurants, a conference room, recreation areas, there is a large parking for cars and bicycles. This beautiful and high-tech office center was built by the Swedish company NCC. It is a giant in the construction industry, well known for such works as: Turning Torso, Kista Science Tower, Vasamuseet etc.

Their main goal was to implement new solutions and opportunities in construction, as well as to renew and “wake up” this industry. The building had to stand out with its design, which emphasized the importance of wood and ecological materials.

Benefits of building with natural wood

This building material is gaining more and more popularity in the construction of not only living spaces, but also commercial buildings, including Valle Wood.

Reasons why we recommend choosing natural wood:

Health safety. Research shows that being in a wooden building regularly has a positive effect on human health. This is due to the fact that wood is a natural material that does not emit dust, gases and other fumes. This is what creates a healthier indoor environment.

Energy saving. Wood has good heat-holding properties. When heating or cooling a wooden house, it is easier to achieve a pleasant indoor temperature without high energy costs.

Fire resistance. Despite the myth that you've probably heard about wooden buildings that they are dangerous due to the possibility of ignition from any spark, developers know the truth: wood is carefully processed, which makes this material the most fire-resistant.

Environmental friendliness. A brick house contributes to the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere due to the materials used. Wood does not emit CO2, it has the ability to absorb and store this harmful gas. Moreover, new young trees are regularly planted, which absorb carbon dioxide more efficiently than the old ones, from which building materials are made.

Valle Wood is certified by the strictest BREEAM environmental standard and this is a true indicator of conscientiousness!

More about BREEAM certification

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is an advanced method for assessing the environmental performance and sustainability of businesses, infrastructure and other buildings.

It was established in 1990 by the British company Building Research Establishment with the aim of preserving the environment, protecting natural resources and human health. BREEAM Certification is also aimed at developing the construction industry, introducing innovative technologies and increasing the assets of developers and investors.

The BREEAM certified company demonstrates its concern for the environment and compliance with the highest European standards.

In order to receive BREEAM Certification, you must meet the following criteria:

– Safety

– Environmental friendliness

– Comfort

– Relevance

More than 590,000 objects in 89 countries of the world have already been certified with this standard. There are only 4 certified buildings in Ukraine, but Ukrainian developers are striving to develop the field of green building and the platform of natural wood products LIGNO cooperates and supports their aspirations!

Sources: NCC, BREEAM.

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