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Wooden 3D puzzles

LIGNO Admin May 21, 2021 Products 0 Comments

Wooden 3D puzzles is an environmentally friendly volumetric construction set that is interesting for the whole family, for kids and adults, it is depending on the difficulty of collecting the puzzle. There is a huge assortment of different models of three-dimensional wooden construction set on the market. You can buy different kind of puzzles: transport, historical buildings, decorative boxes, and other interesting items.

Interesting leisure and brain training

Wooden 3D puzzles are not only fun, but also very useful, here are the main reasons:

Supports brain function. To develop brain activity and support neural connections, our brain needs to be regularly trained with mental workload. Volumetric 3D wooden puzzles will make this process not only useful, but also enjoyable, they will also cheer you up and increase the flow of dopamine (the hormone of joy).

Improving memory. To remember the order of collecting puzzles, combinations and shapes, our brain needs to make a lot of effort. These actions improve our thought processes and stimulate the development of memory.

Development of patience. Collecting 3D puzzles from wood is not an easy process that requires a lot of concentration and perseverance. These puzzle toys will help hyperactive toddlers become more persevering, focused and attentive.

Solving complex problems. To achieve success and get the desired result from the box of a toy, you need to calculate an action plan and not to panic after a failed attempt. While a child or an adult collects wooden 3d puzzles-constructors, they practice the most important skills: the ability to finish the job and not give up.

Where to buy wooden 3D puzzles?

The platform of wood products LIGNO provides a huge range of wood toys: puzzles, board games, constructors, models, as well as 3D wooden puzzles.

On the LIGNO platform, you will find toys for all ages, from toddlers to adults. We provide professional consultation 24/7, favorable prices, promotions and discounts, as well as safe and fast delivery by Nova Poshta or Ukrposhta.

In our online store you can buy wooden 3D puzzles for adults and children wholesale and retail, all toys on the website are available. You can find out more about the variety of wooden toys in the article "WOODEN TOYS WHOLESALE".

Volumetric wooden puzzles: popular models on LIGNO

We have selected for you the most popular wooden puzzles in our online store, which also received a large number of positive reviews.


Wooden 3D puzzle “Steam Locomotive with Tender” this is a wooden construction set, which is thought out to the smallest detail. The locomotive can move along the rails (included), picking up speed. The construction does not use glue, but only a noble material - wood.


Wooden 3D puzzle “Grand Prix Car” this is a realistic and elegant design of a sports car from the 30s of the twentieth century. Feel like a racer and mechanic of the past century, participating in the legendary Grand Prix car races.


Wooden 3D puzzle “Tower Bridge” 3D puzzle made of wood, a miniature copy that reproduces the appearance of the original legendary bridge in London. Become an engineer and city planner by constructing a Tower Bridge from the blueprints. We promise it will not be easy, but exciting!

New 3D plywood puzzles in the LIGNO catalog


Wooden volumetric puzzles “Amber box  this is an exquisite box, its lid is decorated with real amber, has 6 sections and 2 secret compartments.


Wooden volumetric puzzles “Mars buggy” explore Mars in a maneuverable rover that you can assemble in just half an hour.


Wooden volumetric puzzles “Research vessel” with it you can go on a long voyage and explore the depths of the sea. The detailed design of the open type will allow you to observe the mechanism in action.


Wooden volumetric puzzles “Dragon Storm” a fantastic animal that will impress you with its beauty. When the mechanism located in the heart of the dragon is triggered, it comes to life and begins to move.

Dive into the world of volumetric 3D puzzles and assemble your own mechanical model, we have a large selection of quality toys and great prices!

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