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Wooden wall panels

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Wood wall panels are decorative elements that are installed on the wall. Before now they were considered the privilege of aristocrats and were used to decorate mansions, royal palaces and castles. Now designers use panels as decoration in any home: from a small studio to a villa, restaurants, hotels, because they have a lot of advantages.

Zoning space. Wall panels can visually highlight and separate living, work or guest areas. Due to their contrasting appearance, they create the impression of a separate room, so solid wood wall panels will fit perfectly in studios, combined living rooms and kitchens, as well as in open space offices.

Cozy atmosphere. The attractive wood pattern, pleasant texture and natural shades of wood will make your home really comfortable.

It is especially beneficial to use decorative wood panels in modern styles (art deco, hi-tech, fusion, loft, etc.), because they lack the softness and warmth that wood radiates.

Room decoration. Wood panels can not only accentuate the selected area, but also become a beautiful decorative element in any room.

If you buy a wall panel, you should consider the size of the room, since voluminous and dark wall panels visually reduce the space, it is better to choose light shades and calm textures.

Unique design. Wooden panels for walls exist in various designs, you can also order handmade wooden panels, adding your imagination and a little creativity, you can equip your own unique interior.

Types of wood wall panels

They are divided into different types, depending on the material of manufacture, the method of processing, and the format of the structure.

Wooden decorative wall panels are made from various types of wood and these are the most popular:

- Oak

- Ash

- Walnut

- Beech

Wood for the manufacture of panels is processed by such methods as:

- Varnishing

- Lamination

- Veneering

By the format of the structure, wall panels are distinguished by the presence or absence of a groove:

- Without groove

- With groove

What wood wall panels are trending?

Wooden panels in the form of a mosaic


California wood mosaic will become a feature of your interior, thanks to its non-standard shapes and asymmetry, it will look especially aesthetically pleasing in the loft style.

Sheet wall panels


Wall wooden panel - the unusual design of asymmetrical and volumetric wood panels is the top trend of 2021, especially among European designers.

Vertical wood pattern


Arkansas - visually enlarge the room, extend the length of the walls, in addition, give a fresh and stylish look to the room.

Wall panels in the style of wood clapboard


Pennsylvania lining-rail is suitable for Scandinavian and industrial styles, the use of dark colors is especially important this season.

Geometric Pattern Wood Wall Panels


Seatle - a multifaceted and unusual design, in which you can read various shapes, will make a pleasant impression on all your guests.

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