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Wooden kitchenware

LIGNO Admin May 7, 2021 Products 0 Comments

Wood has been used as a material for making household items since ancient times. The particular popularity of wooden kitchen accessories is due to a number of advantages over other materials of kitchen products, for example, plastic, metal or ceramics.

Benefits of wooden kitchen accessories

Safety. This material does not harm human health, does not emit harmful substances when heated, wood does not oxidize. During cooking, it does not give the dishes a specific "plastic" or "metallic" taste.

Strength and durability. Wood is a durable material, also has a long service life and will last a long time in your kitchen. Wooden cups can be given to small children, because unlike glassware, wooden cups will not break when dropped and a piece cannot break off from them.

Environmental friendliness. Natural wood products are not toxic. Moreover, after disposal, wooden dishes decompose quickly and are not harmful to the environment.

Low thermal conductivity. Wood almost does not conduct heat, so high-quality pans have wooden handles, because metal pans heat up faster, and food stays warm longer in wood bowls.

Fashionable design. Wooden kitchen accessories, such as dish coasters, wooden bowls, always look stylish in any interior. Since wood is a noble material, wooden kitchen products will become interesting accents for creating a unique mood in the kitchen and living room.

Types of wood kitchen products

Kitchen products are classified according to their functional purpose, there are a large number of different accessories, but here is a list of several important types:

Wooden cookware


The wooden nut plate is a versatile dish for cooking salads, storing fruits, serving delicious dishes, made of high-quality walnuts.

Wooden kitchen cutting boards


GLEDITSIA SYMMETRY Cutting Board it is a durable and beautiful wooden board made of a rare material originally from North America, will become a reliable assistant in the kitchen, is not affected by a knife blade.

Wooden kitchen stands


Wooden Tray will help to exquisitely serve the dish to the table. Made of ash wood and covered with natural and eco-friendly oil.

Wooden kitchen coasters


Wooden coasters Okinawa will not only protect the coating of your furniture, but can also become an exquisite decorative element.

Where is it profitable to buy wooden accessories for the kitchen?

The platform of wood products LIGNO has a large assortment of wood kitchen accessories. You can buy kitchen products both wholesale and retail. We offer professional consultation 24/7, and also favorable prices, promotions and seasonal discounts. Order right now at www.ligno.com.ua/en. For a wholesale order of wooden kitchen products, call us at +380732214481 or write to ligno.market@gmail.com.

LIGNO is only high-quality and environmentally friendly products, because our philosophy is «No compromise, only the highest quality wood products».

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