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Wooden accessories

LIGNO Group Apr 28, 2021 Products 0 Comments

When something is missing in a perfectly furnished room, accessories will help you to fill in the gap. These are decorative items that are created for interior decoration, they have no direct purpose or are used as an auxiliary inventory. One of the best materials for making home decorations is wood as it is very strong, durable and environmentally friendly. Wooden accessories include wooden glasses, organizers, jewelry, wood cases, clocks (wristwatch or wall clock), pots, vases, etc.

The role of wooden accessories in the interior

Do not underestimate the importance of decor attributes, because when used correctly, they play a critical role in the interior.

They smooth out the flaws in the layout. Wooden accessories can effectively expand space or fill an emptiness. You can use several large vases in a small room, which will visually enlarge it.

They transform the environment. Contrasting and bright decorations can “cheer up” a gloomy and cold home.

Give the interior a spice. With the help of wooden accessories, you can create a unique character of the room, you can make any fantasy come true, the main thing is not to be afraid to experiment.

Provide coziness. If there is a lack of warm atmosphere in empty living room or bedroom, we recommend adding a few wooden decorations (clocks, organizers) there and the decor will instantly change.

Complete the style. To create hi-tech, provence, chalets and other styles, it is necessary to think over not only furniture, but also details such as accessories. Without them, the repair will look incomplete.

Types of wooden accessories

Accessories are divided into groups depending on the function of the room. There is an unspoken rule about what is customary to place in different rooms. For example, hanging a clock in the bathroom would be inappropriate, and a kitchen without drawers would not even be practical.

Wooden accessories for the living room

Wall clocks, massive vases, wooden frames, organizers, wood pots, candelabras, candlesticks, sculptures, statues.

Kitchen accessories

Kitchen utensils, holders, drawers, organizers, figurines, coasters, bowls, flowerpot pots.

Wooden accessories for the bedroom

Frames for pictures or photos, wood vases, organizers, clocks, candlesticks.

Wooden accessories for the nursery

Boxes, cases, figurines, watches with prints, music boxes, toys.

Bathroom accessories

Wooden soap dishes, bowls, bathroom organizers, cases, boxes, holders, stands.

What are the trendy wooden accessories?

In 2021, the fashion for environmentally friendly products came, so all plastic is replaced with a beautiful and versatile wood.

The hit of the season is solid wood clocks such as oak.


The Moku Nara wall clock is made of 20 cm solid oak, has a silent quartz German movement, each pattern is unique.

Wooden pots for home and garden have become very popular.


The wooden flower pot is suitable for succulents, cacti and other plants. This is a stylish solution for any interior.

Wooden organizers are not only fashionable, but also practical.


Wooden organizer "Makeup" will be needed by every fashionista who owns a whole bunch of jars, tubes, brushes.

Wood stands are strong and durable household items for decoration.


Wooden stand for laptop "Hover" is a convenient accessory when you work or play on your laptop.

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