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Wooden toys wholesale

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Wood is a versatile material that can be used to create a variety of everything from furniture, decor, dishes to environmentally friendly toys for different ages. Wooden toys are becoming popular instead of plastic counterparts because they have a lot of advantages. The LIGNO platform offers a wide range of wooden toys that can be bought wholesale and retail. We offer many benefits, and we are reliable partners.

LIGNO wooden toys catalog

– We provide products on both B2B and B2C terms

– We offer a manufacturer's warranty

– We have a wide range of wood products

– All products are made in Ukraine

– Everything is always in stock, there are large reserves in the warehouse

Delivery of wooden toys

– We ship orders all over the world

– We carefully pack the goods

Safety of wooden toys

– All products have quality certificates

– They are completely safe for kids

– Made of high quality wood

– Wood from FCS certified forests


– Professional consultants

– We are available 24/7 via chat, phone or email.

– Manufacturer prices and big discounts

The advantages of manufacturing wooden toys

Environmental friendliness. Wooden toys are much more environmentally friendly than plastic toys, because plastic takes about 400 years to decompose. All wooden toys for children, presented in the LIGNO catalog, are made from certified wood and using non-toxic paints, it is also good for the environment.

Safety. The quality and safe wooden toys presented on the LIGNO platform are designed and manufactured to avoid breaking off small parts that a child could swallow.

Development of motor skills and imagination. During the game, the child's imagination begins to work, he actively creates various scenarios and develops creative thinking.

Cost. Due to the high quality and durability, wooden toys will cost much less, in addition, the same toy can serve for children of different ages or accompany a child throughout his growing up, performing different functions.

Types of wooden toys for different age groups

Wooden toys for newborns

At this age, the baby is just beginning to adapt to the outside world, he must learn to focus on details, pay attention to sound, be interested in different textures. Therefore, for babies from birth to 6 months, pick up baby rattles, crib carousels, musical toys, large rings.

1 to 3 years old

The kid begins to recognize objects, their colors and shapes. He develops hearing, appear the first signs of speech, he learns to sit down and recognize sounds. During this period, it is necessary to focus on training coordination of attention, fine motor skills, and imagination. In training, he will be helped by rocking chairs, cubes, a simple constructor, carriages.

3 to 6 years old

The preschooler needs to provide games that will prepare him for the first grade. They will help integrate your child into the team. At this age, interests already differ depending on gender: during this period appear toys for boys and toys for girls. For them will be useful: puzzles, dominoes, mosaics, constructor, simple board games.

6 to 12 years old

Schoolchildren actively communicate with their peers, go in for sports, explore the world. It is necessary to support their creative interests, play together, develop logic, cognitive thinking. Provide them with resources for self-development and self-knowledge: mini-puzzles, constructors, puzzles, board games, models, balance bikes.

12 and older

Teenagers and adults also need to have fun and relaxation. It is so nice to be distracted from the lessons and work with an interesting realistic construction set, to assemble a model of a car, to play table football or other board games.

Overview of wood products range platform's LIGNO

We have presented natural wooden toys for all ages from different categories, which will be of interest to both boys and girls.

Natural wood rocking toys for children



Wooden educational toys


Educational toys

Musical toys made of wood


Musical toys

Wooden 3D puzzles


Construction toys

To make a wholesale order of wooden toys, write to us at ligno.market@gmail.com or call +380732214481.

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