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Wooden designer lamps

LIGNO Admin Apr 13, 2021 Products 0 Comments

Chandeliers and lamps are not only objects that serve to illuminate the placement, but also accessories that can transform any interior and color it up. Wooden lamps will fit perfectly into any style, from hi-tech to provence. If you want to choose the necessary item for lighting from the existing variety, you need to navigate in their types, styles, and also know about the advantages and disadvantages of such a choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden lamps

Natural wood is a material that has a huge number of advantages, but there are some minor disadvantages that you still need to be aware of.


Environmental friendliness and safety. The wood does not emit toxic substances when heated and is completely safe for use.

Benefit for health. For people with respiratory problems, it will be beneficial to include pine lamps or other lamps with coniferous trees in their designs, because the resins and esters that they contain have therapeutic properties.

Aesthetic aspect. Wood is a noble material, products made from it will always look expensive and will transform any interior.

Versatility. In the hands of a true master, wood can take on any shape and turn into a masterpiece. Moreover, it can be harmoniously combined with other materials: metal, glass, plastic.


Moisture exposure. Unlacquered or unpainted wood is not able to withstand moisture and can change its characteristics after a long period of time, therefore, if you are looking for accessories and furniture for the kitchen, bathroom, pay attention to solid deciduous or coniferous species of wood (oak, ash, larch, etc.).

Highly flammable. It is not recommended to use wooden lamps in rooms with an open source of fire (fireplace, stove). There are also special solutions that prevent smoldering and inflammation. Due to the temperature difference in wooden lamps, it is better to use LED lamps, you can also use fluorescent and halogen lamps.

Types and styles of wood lighting fixtures

Wood lighting fixtures exist in different types, depending on where exactly they will be placed:

- Ceiling

- Pendant

- Wall-ceiling

- Recessed

- Floor lamps

- Table lamps


Wood luminaires are also used in a variety of styles and have similar features:

High tech. Combinations of various geometric shapes, clear and straight lines, the use of metal and glass elements, a minimum of patterns.

Classic style. Symmetrical shapes, simple and clear figures, the use of gold or bronze jewelry.

Chalet. Simple designs, using only natural materials in combination with wood - metal, glass.

Country. Massive shapes, natural materials, decorative forging, natural colors and shades.

East style. Rounded shapes, clear geometric shapes, patterns and inscriptions typical of Asian culture.

Trends of 2021: the most fashionable wooden lamps

Geometric lamps.

In the trends of 2021, wood chandeliers and lamps are made in geometric shapes. They look like connected cubes, honeycombs and other geometric shapes. This trend was popular in 2020, but now it has become especially relevant.

The LIGNO catalog contains models of this style: CUBE, INTERLACEMENT.

Combination of wood and metal

The main concept is a combination of different shapes, textures and colors - metal bowls, and a silhouette of wood, not necessarily symmetrical shapes. This connection will make the chandelier fit into any interior.

This can be seen in the CLUSTER model.

Accent Lamp with a wooden frame

Perfect for decoration in the kitchen, over the dining table, or in the office. A simple design is not overloaded with elements, therefore it does not draw attention to itself.

The DRUID lamp is a perfect example.

Wooden cascade chandelier

You can match it to the color of the flooring, parquet or wood plank, it will unite the lower and upper levels of the interior. This lamp will fit both classic style and minimalism.

For example, models such as CASCADE and Diamond.

Eco-style chandeliers

The global agenda focuses on preserving the environment, that is why the trends of 2021 the most fashionable chandeliers appeared lamps made of natural wood, which can be in a composition with frosted glass. The shapes and natural colors, which are not complicated at first glance, look especially interesting.

On LIGNO you will find such eco-style chandeliers as SOLO and STAR TRECK.

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