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Sustainable wood products

LIGNO Admin Apr 6, 2021 Materials 0 Comments

Since ancient times, mankind has used wood as a building material, tools, decor and toys. The variety of uses of wood is explained by the climate, locality, and even culture. Those who lived by the water noticed that the wood does not sink, and so the first boats appeared, which over time began to improve. As wood is easy to process, they began to make household items (dishes, children's toys, furniture) or tools for construction and other works from it. Our ancestors noticed that each type of wood is suitable for different purposes, and that wood can be combined with other materials: stone, clay, iron, straw etc.

How is wood used in production today?

The areas where this raw material is used today cannot be enumerated, because wood products surround us everywhere.

Here are the main fields where wood is an irreplaceable material:

Furniture industry

Furniture is mainly made of solid wood, MDF, particle board, fiberboard, plywood. Manufacturers focus on the needs of consumers and produce an assortment for home, garden or office: beds, sofas, nightstands, chairs, dressers, shelves, kitchens, tableschandeliers and so on.

Cellulose and paper production

Cellulose is used in the medical and cosmetic industries, but it is most commonly used as a raw material for paper. Although now humanity wants to reduce the use of paper, but we are still in the process of transitioning to an electronic format of documents.

Auto parts

Most car manufacturers are looking for environmentally friendly and quality materials for modernization when manufacturing their models. Such global brands as Mercedes, Volkswagen, Honda have long begun to use wood for design elements, dashboards, and ceiling coverings. And recently, the giants of the automotive industry are starting to replace synthetic fiber made from petroleum with natural fibers.


The manufacture of joinery mainly includes the manufacture of tools necessary for construction, as well as items for everyday life. Joinery includes stairs, windows, doors, wall panels, floor coverings, both solid wood and panel materials.


Wood is also used for the construction of private and even multi-storey buildings. Now this type of housing is considered a cozy and ecological home. Moreover, wooden houses are good for the environment, retain heat better and are not difficult to care for. Of course, construction must be in compliance with all standards, including the wooden elements of the house must be treated with a special solution against insects, termites and fungi to maximize the service life of a wooden house.

Environmentally friendly products of wood

Everyone is concerned about the state of the ecology of our planet, the issue of climate change and excess СО2 emissions is being raised. There is a myth that the use of wood in industry does not bring environmental benefits, but only reduces the area of the world's forests.

This is why using wood has a lot of environmental benefits:

The tree decomposes quickly in nature. Regardless of whether a piece of wood is burned or rotted over time, it will completely decompose naturally. Unvarnished wood takes about 3 to 10 years to decompose, and, for example, lacquered wooden furniture takes up to 13 years. Moreover, it takes up to 500 years for the plastic bottle!

Wood products save СО2. Absolutely everything that is made of wood retains the accumulated carbon dioxide.

Made from certified wood. Each country and each region has a special state agency that manages forests in a certain area. Harvesting can be carried out only after agreement with the relevant ministry of management, it means that you cannot cut down any tree anywhere, for this there are special areas - logging zones where it is allowed to harvest wood. Moreover, public and state actions are regularly held to maintain and replenish the balance of trees.

Recycling and reuse. Wood is a recyclable resource, it can be used and changed, create completely new things without harming the air and nature. With recycled wood made materials such as chipboard, fibreboard, and if the recycled solid wood product is well preserved, then even toys, decorative items, and hand tools can be made from it.

We can conclude that wood is a natural material, its reserves are constantly being restored, it is considered the most environmentally friendly raw material available to mankind at the moment. With controlled use and deforestation, the impact on the environment is not negative, but only has a positive effect in many areas.

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