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Wood products are considered as an integral part of our daily life. Wood is one of the most useful and versatile renewable resources on the planet. This resource, that using in various industries of the forestry sector, is an environmentally friendly material, has an aesthetic appearance and an unlimited number of surface wood textures. The value of wood is that you can use it in almost any design project in your home, office, hotel, restaurant or cafe.

Wood is used in large products, such as the construction of private houses and multi-storey buildings in infrastructure, in the furniture making, as well as in small goods such as lamps, toys, decorative elements, a large number of kitchen items, accessories and decorations.

Wooden furniture as the most popular wood products

To make your home cozy and comfortable resting place, the furniture industry designs and manufactures a wide variety of furniture items. Modern furniture is made from high quality certified materials, that characterized by simple straight lines, helping to create minimalistic interior.

Discover the perfect combination of design and function with furniture on LIGNO online store, furniture that matches individual tastes and complements the modern lifestyle. Decorate any room in your home, apartment or townhouse with wooden furniture that will blend harmoniously in your interior. Regardless of taste, you are sure to find the perfect assortment for kitchen, bedroom and living room, hallway or bathroom.

Wooden toys - wood products for kids

Wooden toys are traditional toys that don`t contain plastic and don`t require batteries! We have a large selection of natural toys made from environmentally friendly wood. A large collection of solid wood toys includes animal figures, cars and trucks. Toy sets include building blocks, wooden balancers, baby rattles, tree figurines, fantastic beasts, and more. Take an unforgettable time of joint leisure with wooden mechanical 3D puzzles for children and adults.

All wooden toys are certified, safe for children and don`t contain harmful substances. You can rest assured, that any toys purchased online on LIGNO, are the safest toys for children that you can find on the Internet. Also, ecological wooden toys reduce the negative impact on our planet.

Wood products in home decor

Wooden decorative objects make living space aesthetically pleasing and modern. Decorative wood products in pure forms are suitable for almost any room and can be made in combination with other natural materials such as metal, concrete, textiles. Look for wooden decor of different shapes and configurations in our online catalog.

Original wood decor items, created by the best Ukrainian designers, are offered in a wide rang of national popular wood species, such as: beech, oak, alder, ash, walnut and others. You can order our wood products by choosing the type of wood and color, apply a personal logo to make a memorable gift or complement your interior. Whether you are looking for a collection of wood décor or more sophisticated design solutions, LIGNO will help you to make the best one choise. You will find exactly what you need!

Designer wood products in lighting

The invisible warm environment radiated by wood lamps is one of the biggest advantages of this material. Wood lamps look stylish and can be matched to any home interior.

If simplicity and minimalism are your thing, try creating this style with our contemporary home lighting collection. When you ordering a lamp, floor lamp or sconce, choose the type of wood, color, add dimer and take the opportunity to realize your ideas to create an individual style for your home.

New collections of the best wooden LED chandeliers, table lamps, sconces and floor lamps will help you light up your favorite reading nook or bedside table for your cozy evening. Give your rooms a unique atmosphere with our original wood lamps.

Wood products for kitchen

Traditional wooden cooking utensils remain in demand in the kitchen today. Our kitchen products are proudly produced in Ukraine from locally harvested timber from FSC certified forests. This way, we ensure that wood kitchen products don't need to travel thousands of miles to get to your home. Check out our wooden kitchenware for daily use in the LIGNO catalogue.

In a large assortment of our wood products, you will find exquisite cutting boards in craft packaging, and such purchase will not only delight you, but also will be a wonderful gift for relatives and friends. For lovers of foam drinks, a walnut wooden bocal with personalized logo will add sophisticated taste. Housewives will receive dishes for creative presentation of food with trendy wooden bowl. There is something for everyone!

LIGNO is an international online platform of wood products

We are sure that on the pages of the LIGNO online store, you will find what you were looking for your home, office or HoReCa. In LIGNO you can buy wooden furniture and other wooden products for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hallway and terrace. We understand that every living space has its own requirements for placement, functionality of furniture and budget, therefore we carefully select products in different styles, sizes and price ranges. LIGNO platform stocks products from luxurious, sophisticated designs for large areas to versatile multi-functional designs for small spaces.

Find out our unique offers and new favorites for your home interior in one convenient place - LIGNO online store of wood products!

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