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Wooden LED chandeliers

LIGNO Admin May 27, 2020 Products 0 Comments


Choosing the right simple ideas for lighting is no easy task. And if these are the latest and brightest LED wooden chandeliers, then the task is complicated by a small offer on the market. We have compiled a collection of the best pendant chandeliers and wall lights on LIGNO.


Wooden chandelier Infinity luminaire with its non-standard appearance creates a special atmosphere. This large pendant lamp combines natural wood and energy-efficient LED technology. Made of high quality solid ash or oak wood, and you can order black or European walnut wood. Decorated with natural wax oil. Harmoniously this chandelier will look in spacious living rooms, on terraces and conference rooms.

The collection of cubes intertwined, which create one large cube, is embodied in the CUBE chandelier. A unique chandelier is made (of your choice) from solid wood of ash, oak, black or European walnut. Finishing perfectly sanded wood - colored or natural transparent wax oil. Rishang integrated energy-saving LED strip. An interesting and extraordinary chandelier is best suited for rooms with high ceilings and a loft interior.

Transformer chandelier Star Trek is unique due to the ability to change its shape depending on the type of lighting you need. Made of wood, this chandelier is very different from typical metal chandeliers. It looks great in a classic or modern interior of a living room, dining room, kitchen, office etc.

Wall sconce PROMETHEUS made from noble wood are a masterpiece in contemporary lighting. Solid wood of ash, oak or walnut (of your choice) is made with an emphasis on the texture of natural wood. Wall sconces made of wood will create a cozy atmosphere in modern minimalistic, constructive interiors and high-tech.

Indirect LED lighting behind the wall sconce Equilibrium creates an emphasis on a cozy atmosphere. The modern design will elegantly complement the interior of the bedroom or hallway, and the natural wood of oak, ash or walnut will take care of the positive energy of your space. Suitable as an additional light source.

You are currently viewing for a contemporary wooden chandeliers or other lighting products that we sell online on LIGNO. If you have any questions about our wood products, our support team is always ready to help you.

LIGNO is the perfect place to buy quality and modern ceiling lights!

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