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What are the differences between hardwood and softwood?

Everyone who has ever worked, crafted or played with wood has noticed that there are clear differences between soft and hard wood. Some wood can be dented with nails, the other changes texture only under strong mechanical pressure. But is it really so simple to determine which soft and which hard wood species? The decisive criterion can only be measured with great effort. This refers to the so-called density of wood.

Basically, wood, like all other materials: dense and hard. However, in order to determine how thick the wood really is, you need to completely release moisture from it. This is achieved in special devices - the so-called furnaces, by artificial drying at a temperature of 103 ° C. When the moisture in the wood drops to 0%, it reaches a mild state. Here we are talking about "specific gravity." Only when the specific gravity is known can the actual density of wood be determined.

Everyone who works with wood can make the choice of the necessary wood species for the appropriate application. Whether in construction, energy production or the manufacture of wood products, as well as solid wood furniture.

What is the difference between softwood and hardwood furniture?

At first glance, it can be assumed that hardwood has no alternative when it comes to the production of stable and strong furniture. In the end, ready tables, cabinets and chairs should be suitable for daily use and have a long service life. But soft wood species also have advantages and you can make high-quality furniture. Here is a comparison:

Hardwood for furniture Softwood for furniture
wood is expensive because it grows slowly and dries slowly            

inexpensive breed because

grows fast and dries quickly

difficult to handle unpretentious in processing
furniture is heavy and durable light and delicate furniture

rack breed and partially suitable

for outdoor use

positively affects indoor climate, as it can absorb a lot of moisture

Classic hardwoods in furniture include beech, oak and walnut. In addition, exotic hardwoods such as rosewood and teak have been added in recent decades. On the other hand, soft wood furniture is mainly made from soft wood. Pine and paulownia are mainly used.

Cleaning and maintenance of softwood furniture

When cleaning and care, it is not necessary to distinguish hardwood and softwood furniture. The decisive factor is the processing of their surfaces:

– in the case of lacquered wooden furniture, you can start working with a wet rag for dusting, while furniture with a wax coating is very sensitive to moisture and furniture should only be wiped with a slightly damp rag;

– you can use a soft household sponge to remove dirt, which often forms in the open pore structure of waxed or lacquered wood. Apply a little neutral soap, water and gently rub. Please note that after this, the cleaned surface must be completely dried again;

– to protect furniture with wax or varnish of coniferous wood from external influences such as humidity, dust and ultraviolet light, furniture should be treated with care products two-three times a year. Furniture waxes and furniture oils are available on LIGNO online store of wood products or on other specialized stores. Usually, furniture care instructions can be found directly on the packaging.

Caring for coniferous furniture also includes combating signs of wear, which sooner or later will depend on the intensity of use. On painted surfaces, scratches or signs of bumps (crushing), as a rule, cannot be removed with household means – appropriate attempts may not work. Removing and restoring a layer of paint is often the only way out. We recommend involving specialists in this process. In the case of unpainted softwood furniture, minor flaws can be eliminated by polishing or grinding.

Does this article answer all your questions about softwood furniture? We also invite you to browse our online shop of wood products, where you will find: cabinets, consoles, sideboards, chests of drawers, coffee tables, desks, dining tables, bar counters, stools, beds, sofas, racks, hangers, as well as children's furniture, which are made in Ukraine from various wood species.

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