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Roadmap for the Ukrainian furniture industry development

LIGNO Admin Apr 15, 2020 Reforms 0 Comments

Within the framework of the European Union initiative EU4Business, the consulting company CSIL Milano (Center for Industrial Studies), developed a comprehensive “Roadmap for the Ukrainian furniture industry development”.

The aim of the study is to promote the development of a competitive furniture industry in Ukraine, given the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

The objective of this study is to diagnose the furniture industry in Ukraine (this report) and prepare an action plan to help direct the necessary resources to achieve development priorities of the Ukrainian furniture industry.

The study answers the following questions:

– what are the main competitive advantages of the furniture industry in Ukraine compared with its main competitors;

– existing advantages of the domestic furniture industry;

– what factors limit the competitive development of the furniture industry;

– what bottlenecks are present in the value chain;

– are there any external restrictions on regulatory barriers or access to finance;

– whether Ukrainian furniture manufacturers effectively manage their own production;

– existing and planned demand for furniture products in the domestic market;

– whether there are failures in the furniture market;

– whether there is an untapped potential in the furniture market;

– what are the prospects for the development of the global furniture market? Provide positive – scenarios for national manufacturers to export their own products;

– to what extent are Ukrainian producers integrated into global value chains;

– which markets are the most promising for Ukrainian furniture products;

– what are the key barriers to the internationalization of Ukrainian furniture makers.

You can view the full version of the “Roadmap for the development of the furniture industry in Ukraine” here.

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