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Unusual and unique UGEARS 3D puzzles

LIGNO Aug 13, 2019 Brands 0 Comments

We all love spending time with our family, thanks to the Ugears 3D puzzles, this time will turn into an exciting and developing game for parents and children.

Ugears is an amazing hybrid. After all, their models are insanely interesting to assemble, and after collection they turn into mechanical toys that are interesting to both children and adults. Ugears is a constructor or 3D puzzle made of very high quality plywood. The number of parts that make up the puzzles and their sizes depend on the model itself.

The main trick of the 3D puzzle is that both the unpacking process and the assembly process itself, that is, the game, bring satisfaction. And this is not a banal game with a car, but a very interesting and developing process.

Mainly in the Ugears range are movable mechanical toys trucks and tractors, combines and trams. But we would call Lokomotiv a top model with a tender. This is a powerful model that consists of 443 parts, the assembly of which will take 10-12 hours. However, after making the toy will be no less interesting, because it does not just spin the wheels and gears inside. Everything is moving in them - you can open the windows, extend the headlights, open the doors, this is such a model that can be studied as an exhibit.

The “Lokomotiv model is not an isolated toy, you can buy a platform (196 parts) and rails with a railway crossing (200 parts), and then trucks, tractors and trams can be added to this kit.

The important thing is that Ugears 3D puzzles are absolutely safe for health, as they are assembled without glue. Another advantage is the overall dimensions of the parts they are not too small. This is a thoughtful move, so that the parts are not lost and it is easier to assemble the model. And the main advantage is that you can explain to your child, for example, how the drive of locomotive wheels or the combine harvester are structured, using the example of such constructors.

Ugears models are the perfect combination of enjoyable and useful.

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