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Wooden decor

LIGNO Admin Jun 10, 2021 Products 0 Comments

Wooden decor is one of the most fashionable trends of 2021, because now everything that is environmentally friendly, comfortable, durable and stylish is popular. Decorative wood products can play the role of not only interior decoration, but also have useful functions. Wood decor includes such products as: mirrors with a wooden frame, paintings, clocks, panels, flower pots, sculptures, figurines and much more.

Types of wood used to make wood decor

When choosing a decor for a house made of wood, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of wood species, not only because of the appearance, but also for other reasons, for example, heat resistance.


The oak tree will fit into various interior styles. It has a unique texture pattern, each product from this wood is an original and unique masterpiece. It stands out for its endurance, resistance to high temperatures and rotting. It is used not only for making decor, but also for furniture, floors, wall panels.


This type of wood is similar in many qualities to oak, it is in the same price segment, but it has a lighter color and ash does not have bright vascular rays. In the process of discoloration, the wood takes on a grayish tint. It looks very nice in modern interiors.


This exquisite kind of wood is not only very durable, but also has an unusual appearance. The walnut color spectrum is from light brown to dark chocolate. There are also specimens with red or purple color and dark patterns. It is easy to process, so you can often find walnut joinery, furniture, interior wall panels. It is widely used in modern designs, as minimalism, hi-tech, and in classical, for example, baroque, rococo.


Beech is an elegant material used in various decorative products. It has a natural shine and rich yellow color. Sometimes there is a reddish-brown tint in mature wood. This valuable wood is in high demand because it is easy to process and it is very durable.


Pine is a popular type of wood for the manufacture of decor and various interior elements. It is cheaper than other types of wood, is well processed, has beautiful external characteristics, bright yellow color. Moreover, it has a pleasant smell, which is good for the human lungs, due to the medicinal resins.

The advantages of wood decor for the home


It's no secret that wooden products are highly durable. Due to the processing, the wood is not susceptible to insects, moisture, does not have the property of breaking, such as glass or plastic counterparts.


Wooden furniture, decor and accessories can serve for many years, their age only adorns them. Quality decorative products made from reliable wood species are passed down from generation to generation. Their main advantage is the possibility of restoration.

High quality

The cost of wood decor is higher than that of plastic, but the quality is much better. The material is able not only to serve for many years, but during exploitation it shows reliability and durability, moreover, it is completely non-toxic and does not emit harmful substances.

Modern style

Wooden decorative items become a fashionable trend every year, and 2021 was no exception. If you buy decor for a room, for example, in a living room or bedroom, you can transform the interior and add a unique atmosphere to it. If your apartment or house is not decorated in the modern style, then wood will also look advantageous in the classic or provence styles.

Environmental friendliness

Wood not only quickly decomposes in its natural environment, but also effectively absorbs carbon dioxide, and after processing it retains the accumulated gas. Each cubic meter of wood stores one ton of carbon dioxide.


Regardless of the style of the interior, wood decor will decorate and complement the mood of the rooms. Any decorative goods are made from wood: figurines, caskets and pots, coffee tables or cabinets.

Assortment of wood decor online platform of wood products LIGNO


Mirror ARRIS Loft is not only a design accessory that can visually enlarge a room, but also a functional full-length mirror.

Light fixtures

Table lamp IRON MAN is a stylish table lamp in the shape of a cyclist sculpture.


Wall clock Moku Katori is an exquisite oak clock with a unique pattern and a silent quartz movement.

Wooden pictures

Wooden picture "Lion" is an amazing work of art that can transform and update the interior of your home.

Ornamental flowerpots

Kashpo ARRIS are comfortable flower pots in a modern style that can refresh the atmosphere of your home.

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