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STIYSTIL Solid is a stand-up laptop stand that fits onto an existing desktop. Several types of colors and materials allow you to choose a table for every taste and interior design.


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STIYSTIL Solid Black HPL is a famous desk model with the new improved surface and nice black colour. The desk is made of plywood with HPL-lamination on both sides and is very resistant to scratches or any other damage.

SOLID Black HPL is designed for efficient and comfortable sitting and standing work. Right from the start it reduces the loads on the back, adds energy and improves concentration.

The mechanism allows you to raise and lower the surface in just a few seconds. It easily supports up to 15 kg and is stable even in the highest position.

It arrives fully assembled and ready to use. Just put it on your table and start to work.

The desk is simple and easy to use.

- Surface width - 96 cm  - enough for two 24-26" monitors

- Comfortable two-level structure: the upper part for displays, the lower for keyboard, mouse, graphics tablet or laptop. The monitor is located at the eye level.

- Recommended weight up to 15 kg (max 50 kg)

- For use on your existing furniture

- Steady and stable in any position

- 1 year warranty

- Additional accessories: 5 velcro cable ties

- 10 variable positions

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Data sheet

96 cm
Recommended weight
up to 15 kg (max 50 kg)
Additional accessories
5 velcro cable ties
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