Coffee Tables Set HORIZON T-2


Set of two coffee tables from HORIZON collection.


  • White
  • Black
  • Oak 1
  • Oak 2
  • Oak 3
  • Oak 4
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You ask: why do you need a two-level coffee table if you can buy an ordinary one? The answer is easy: to put the magazines on the lower tier, and to sit on different levels and drink coffee with comfort, and not a second to feel bored, as this is important!

Coffee tables are available in several colors and models.

In case the item is used in open air, we recommend two layers of painting, usage or stone or specially finished wood. The price for this option is provided on request. 


The first table has dimensions 810 * 500 * 200 mm, the second - 690 * 600 * 350 mm. The cover of the coffee tables is covered with natural oak veneer and treated with oil. Available in four colors: beige, taupe, brown, dark brown. The frame is made of metal, available in black or white.

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Data sheet

Real oak veneer
Goods for
Living room
Metal 15/15 mm. Argon welding
Black / white
Polymer paint
Overall dimensions of a table
1 - 810 * 500 * 200 mm, 2 - 690 * 600 * 350 mm
Made in

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