Wooden rainbow toy


Rainbow toy is one of the most popular toys. Its minimalistic design encourages children to use their imagination to the fullest and that is why this toy may be used in variety of games.


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With arch stacker child developes coordination and hands fine motor skills. Smaller children first play with it like with puzzle: they learn the sizes and try to assemble full rainbow from 7 archs. Later, child learns colours and notions "bigger" and "smaller" / "taller" and "shorter" / "wider" and "thinner" etc.

And more grown up kids find out how balancing works and develope concentration: they take the biggest arch, put it upside down and try to build the stable construction on it from other archs.

The game range is wide: building mazes and tunnels for cars, making mountains and multi-leveled constructions and playing on it with other favourite toys, using archs as cradles or slides and so many more.

Let the creativity of your child grow.

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Data sheet

0.5 kg
Solid wood
Age category
From 1 year to 5 years
Wood species
Linden or birch
Made in
Model's size
26 х 13 х 4 cm
Non-toxic water-based paint

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