Wooden 3D puzzle "Carousel"


3D puzzle carousel - accurately made miniature of a real fair carousel. During the movement of the carousel, you can watch how horses gallop, decorative elements rotate, as well as how the internal mechanism works, due to the open design. 


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3D puzzle carousel will send you to pleasant childhood memories, fair and fun. This model has a perfect mechanism that accurately reproduces the real movement of the fairground carousel. The central post is connected to the shaft through a planetary gear, which rotates the platform in the opposite direction. The horses seem to be alive, jumping up and down. You can also manually rotate the carousel yourself without breaking anything. 

The carousel is made of high quality plywood and its design is truly a piece of jewelry. All elements are carved with accurate precision: horses, flags, lanterns, small birds. 

To assemble the puzzle, you only need the contents of the original set, you can easily assemble the carousel in about 6 hours, without using glue or tools. You can follow the instructions, as well as watch the video of the assembly, which is on our website. 

Moreover, the carousel model is the most beautiful decoration for interior decoration, as well as a great gift for any age!     


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Size in finished form
21*21*26 cm
Package size
37.8*17*4.2 cm
Assembly time
6 hours
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Number of parts
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