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Wooden 3D puzzle "Fidget Transport"


A unique set of 4 separate miniature models for self-assembly for adults and children from 5 to 80 years old and more.


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The set includes Sports car, Tractor, Truck, Tram, each model contains basic elements of mechanics.

Models are made of high quality plywood. All parts are already cut and can be easily removed from the board. Each of the models can be easily assembled like a puzzle without glue according to the instructions with color illustrations.

Models have "ears" for hanging and can be original key rings for your keys. Also, it is a great gift for family and a compliment for your friends and colleagues.


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Data sheet

Size in finished form
2,7*2,3*8,0 cm/ 2,0*4,0*6,5 cm/ 2,2*3,4*6,7 cm/ 2,2*4,5*6,7 cm
Package size
3,9*3,0*0,6 in (10*7,5*1,6 cm)
Assembly time
0.5 - 2 hours
Made in

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