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Wooden lamp "Edison"


Very stylish and economic table lamp, made of expensive and high-quality walnut wood.


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We are glad to provide you with a modern Edison desk lamp in a popular loft style with the use of high-quality components - wires, cartridges, metal (not plastic) sleeves; and most importantly - the lamp body is made of expensive and high-quality walnut wood, which makes it very practical, durable and presentable.

This retro lamp is ideal for any occasion as a gift or just like that - a cool body, stylish appearance, effectiveness and thoughtful design.

Perfect for any occasion as a gift or for yourself.

We also can engrave any logo on your product or even change a construction according to your request.

Material: processed walnut wood, soaked with natural oils.

Made in Ukraine according to all ecological standards.


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Data sheet

The processed wood is walnut, soaked with natural oil
Wood species
Under the order
Made in
Model's size
80*170*350 mm

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