Walnut board "Pebble"


Wooden board for cutting products, made of high quality walnut wood.


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We present you a quality platform of a non-standard form for cutting ingredients while cooking, eating or serving finished products. Among our standard forms that you can see in our products (all in two sizes - M and L), - Pebble, Hatchet, Heart, Broom, Cleaver, Bend, Matryoshka, Bevel, Symmetry, Spatula, Mediator, Cloth, Sprigs, Horns, Edge, Paddle, Poker, Live Edge, Standard, Field, Circle.

Each kitchen board is made of expensive wood, perfectly polished by joinery masters case, soaked in natural environmentally friendly oil. This kitchen board is suitable for serving dry products, and for cutting products that produce juice.

To save the most pleasant its appearance must be rinsed in water and wiped with a cloth. Nice to touch and very practical as a present. Recommended oil treatment every six months for a better appearance.

Regular sizes:

M - 205x260x18mm;

L - 260x325x20mm.


We also can engrave any logo on your product or even change a construction according to your request.

Made in Ukraine according to all ecological standards.

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Walnut wood soaked in natural oil
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