Wooden stand for laptop "Hover"


Accessory for real players, which allows you to enjoy your favorite game in full.


Model size
  • 13-15 inches laptop
  • 15-17 inches laptop
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Laptop game station "Hover" is a very cool and trendy GamePad for real players. It has the same specifications as EcoWalnut’s standard laptop stand. However, this organizer is very suitable for lovers of active games, due to its overall dimensions and increased mouse pad.

A key feature is the freedom of the mouse, which allows you to hack into the most aggressive games. During the game you have complete freedom of action, and the futuristic shape of the stand is perfect for the lifestyle of fans of virtual reality.

Ideally fits to tablets and phones with thickness from 6 to 10.5 mm.

Regular sizes:

Hover M - 630х330х16 mm (for 13-15 inches laptop);

Hover L - 720х390х16 mm (for 15-17 inches laptop).

We also can engrave any logo on your product or even change a construction according to your request.

Made in Ukraine according to all ecological standards.

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Veneered oak plywood, impregnated with natural oil
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