Smartphone sound amplifier


Thanks to this stand, your phone will sound stronger.


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Do you want to make a party, and the phone is not loud enough? Calmly, this stand of high-quality walnut wood will solve this problem.

You just need to put the phone in the amplifier and due to the redistribution of the direction of sound vibrations, the effect of a stronger sound is created. The speakers of your smartphone did not work louder, but the device does sound stronger. And this is very cool! After all, you spend the same energy of a smartphone charge, and get more results from your speakers, which means more sound!

Regardless of whether you take it with you to nature, use it at home or in office, this accessory will definitely help you in any situation.

Ideally for a gift to men or women regardless of age category, but pay attention that the maximum width of the gadget is 83mm.

We also can engrave any logo on your product or even change a construction according to your request.

Material: processed walnut wood, soaked with natural oils.

Made in Ukraine according to all ecological standards.


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Data sheet

The processed wood is walnut, soaked with natural oil
Wood species
Under the order
Made in
Model's size
310х210х100 mm

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