Wood organizer "Laptop Hooks"


Universal laptop hooks - a very comfortable and easy to use stand for your laptop.


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friends and family, who work at a laptop for a long time. After all, they are universal in their application - the hooks are suitable for laptops of any size and manufacturer, in the kit - 2 pieces.

Hooks for a laptop can solve two problems at once:

1. the device stops heating up so much;

2. The extra slope makes working with a laptop much more pleasant and efficient.

In addition to comfort and simplicity, universal laptop hooks add refinement to your image.

We also can engrave any logo on your product or even change a construction according to your request.

Material: processed walnut wood, soaked with natural oils.

Made in Ukraine according to all ecological standards.


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Data sheet

The processed wood is walnut, soaked with natural oil
Wood species
Under the order
Made in
Model's size
280*43*25 mm

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