Wooden 3D puzzle "Bicyclist"


A live, moving model of a cyclist who rushes to victory! This is an interesting gift for those who like unusual decorative elements or fascinated by assembling wooden puzzles.


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Model "Cyclist" is a 3D puzzle made of plywood boards, of average complexity of assembly. The structure consists of a cyclist who rushes towards victory and a champion cup that accommodates the mechanism. It is a small motor that makes the elements move without external energy, as if in front of us is a living person participating in the Tour de France cycling race. 

You can start the model by pulling the lever on the side of the mechanical puzzle. To slow down the cyclist's movement and create the effect of fatigue, you can put a coin, nut or other small change in a special hole. 

To assemble a model of a cyclist and a cup without any problems, the manufacturer provided instructions in a set. You can also watch the instruction and video on our website. 

Enjoy the original design, puzzle-solving process and exciting movement of the mechanism!     


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Data sheet

Size in finished form
24.5*17.5*12 cm
Package size
37.8*17*2.7 cm
Assembly time
4 hours
Made in
Number of parts
The complexity of the assembly

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