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Wooden 3D puzzle "Mystery Flower"

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This box will be the perfect gift that can be presented not only for a holiday, but also to please your beloved just for no reason.


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Caskets have been used to store jewelry and other expensive items for hundreds of years. They have not lost their relevance today.

The modern selection of these products is simply huge, but a real masterpiece is a musical wooden box with three secrets "Mystery Flower". This is a great gift for women that will delight and demonstrate your feelings.

The peculiarity of this oriental-style box with elements of mechanics is not only its attractive appearance, but also the system of its opening. It is equipped with three secrets, and only by activating them all, it will be possible to open this Mystery flower. It opens through the diaphragm. The process of its assembly also becomes fascinating.

The opening of the Mystery Flower music box is accompanied by the composition Beethoven Für Elise. The product is quite spacious, so all things dear to the heart can fit here.


1000 Items

Data sheet

Package size
370*185*50 mm
Made in
Without glue
Number of parts
278 pcs
The complexity of the assembly
Average time to assembly
6-8 hours
Model's size
155*155*90 mm

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