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Wooden 3D puzzle "Galaxy Marble Run"


Galaxy Marble Run is a large, beautiful and complex model designed for children from 14 years old. It is an excellent tool for the development of logic and technical thinking, will be a great gift for young and adult puzzle lovers.


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The set combined three steepest tracks with sharp turns, steps, swings, and descents, as well as a rotating planet of unique shape. Tracks are cyclical. The continuous operation of the wooden construction set is provided by a planetary lift powered by an electric motor – the launched ball passes through all obstacles and rises again to a height. It is equipped with 12 metal balls that move sequentially one after another rising and then disperse along different tracks creating a fascinating image that immerses you in the technical world.

The peculiarity of this collectible set is the uniform and smooth operation of all mechanisms, without jerks and stops, which is provided by the gimbal drive. Electrical elements should not bother you since access to the battery compartment takes a couple of moments. You need to lift a special cover to take out AA batteries.

The “Galaxy Marble Ran” wooden construction set by has become an outstanding construction set that has combined eco-friendly materials with modern technologies. This is a unique gift that will definitely be appreciated and the right step to developing technical thinking!


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Data sheet

Package size
365*365*38 mm
Made in
Without glue
Number of parts
678 pcs
The complexity of the assembly
Average time to assembly
10-12 hours
Model's size
380*320*365 mm

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