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Mechanical globe 3D puzzle is not only a good gift and stylish decoration, but also an interesting puzzle. After assembling the model, you can observe the rotation of the globe.


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The mechanical model "Globe" is a three-dimensional model of our planet Earth, which is made of wood. It completely reproduces continents and oceans, while maintaining the ratio of area to scale and geometric similarity of outlines. 

The layout is made of quality plywood board that smells like real wood. It takes about 4 hours to complete this 3D puzzle. You do not need glue and other devices, everything you need is in the set from the manufacturer. You have the opportunity to build your own movable globe with an accurate reproduction of the earth's surface. For additional decoration, the manufacturers included a satellite and a shuttle in the globe. 

A well-thought-out mechanism allows the globe to move. It is on a stand under the earth's sphere. The central axis, which is the fastening element, transmits rotational movements from the mechanism. The axis of this model has a tilt proportional to the real axis of the Earth. 

For the globe to start moving, you need to turn completely clockwise the knob located at the base of the model. You will be able to enjoy observing the moving parts by carefully examining how the mechanism works. You can also manually rotate the wooden globe. 

Globe is the best gift for do it yourself lovers!  


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Size in finished form
21*18.5*18.5 cm
Package size
37.8*17*3.2 cm
Assembly time
4 hours
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