Dice Keeper


This device for board games is an unusual and amazing box for storing game cubes or various trivia.


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The Dice Keeper is an ideal accessory for the game, which securely holds the dice in individual slots. If desired, it can be easily adapted for the storage of small trinkets, jewelry, miniature souvenirs, SIM cards, etc.

The Dice Keeper is a small chest with an intricate carving in the style of fantasy. Minimalistic mechanism provides easy access to content.

The model has the shape of a compact cube with 8 compartments to accommodate a standard set of cubes. When closing, the mechanism lifts the walls and your cubes are inside, from where they will not fall out.

If you are a collector of dice, a passionate fan of games, or just love unusual mechanical devices, Dice Keeper will become your favorite accessory for desktop battles. Ugears design also makes it a unique decor element or a great gift for your gamer friends.


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Data sheet

Size in finished form
80*66*75 mm
Packing size
188*170*27 мм
Made in
Without glue
Number of parts
62 pcs.
Average time to assembly
3 hours

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